Trader Joe’s Crunchy Black & White Rice Rolls – Lightly Sweetened

After spotting these Crunchy Black & White Rice Rolls – Lightly Sweetened at Trader Joe’s in the chip/snack aisle I picked them up.  I love rice cakes but sometimes get bored with them.  Figuring these were a different twist (because I usually buy apple cinnamon Quaker rice cakes) I was intrigued to see how these fared out.
The rice cakes are shaped in long rolls or “logs”. They’re crunchy, crispy and very lightly sweetened. They’re larger than a regular rice cake and I feel they’re more satisfying.  Then again, I am a visual eater and I feel like I am getting more.  Each roll is 12.5g’s whereas Quaker’s rice cakes are 13g’s. Weight wise there’s not much difference, but I think by seeing it in a different shape, it makes it seem like there’s more to enjoy.  Again, a great way to “psych” yourself out.
One roll is 1 points plus value, while you can also enjoy 2 rolls for 2 points plus values.  They’re great on their own, while they’d also be great to have with a protein (peanut butter, cheese stick, etc.).  They’re a perfect little snack – so perfect I’ve recently purchased another box to replace the first box!
What is your favorite flavored rice cake?