Trader Joe’s Pinachios

When I had gone to the store I had a different cookie on my list to buy … but when I spotted these Trader Joe’s Pinachios I put the other cookies back and went with these.  They looked absolutely delicious and the description was right up my alley. According to the package “a premium butter cookie with smooth white chocolate chunks and pieces of delicate pistachio nuts. These cookies have panache and pizzazz.”
The cookies are all that and more. Deliciously amazing is all I can truthfully say! I’m pretty positive I’ve fallen in love with a cookie and these have taken first place out of any cookie I’ve tried (that is, with the exception of homemade cookies). Then again, white chocolate chip cookies (particularly with macadamia nuts) are one of my all time favorites. Pinachios are a nice crunchy buttery cookie which have a generous helping of white chocolate chips and pistachio pieces throughout it. These bring packaged white chocolate chunk cookies to a whole new level … and I am a fan.
A serving, 3 cookies, is 120 calories or 3 points plus values.
What is your favorite cookie from Trader Joe’s OR your favorite packaged cookie in general?