Trader Joe’s Queso Cheese Dip

This is by far one of the greatest food finds I stumbled upon at Trader Joe’s their Queso Cheese Dip.  Such a great find that I have repurchased it a number of times.  I am a huge nachos fan … this love started in my childhood because my mother (in my honest opinion) makes THE best nachos known to man!
Before I stumbled upon this jewel, I had found and had been purchasing a great nacho cheese alternative at Walmart (incase you don’t have a Trader Joe’s nearby, it’s Walmart’s brand of queso dip it’s got salsa mixed in it and is 1 points plus for 2 or 3 tablespoons), but this particular cheese dip takes the cake for me.  It is a looser consistency, so it’s not going to stick to the container, it can pour right on out.  It does have a little bit of a “fake cheese” taste to it, but honestly, if you’re making nachos or pairing this with other items you can’t even tell. If you’re eating it on its own it does have an underlying soury flavor to it — but I’ve noticed that flavor completely gets canceled if you’re eating it with additional salsa or nacho toppings (fresh vegetables) or even guacamole. The dip itself appears to be a finely ground salsa which gives the cheese a little kick of spice.
I’m a cheese lover and this allows me to have cheese “whiz” on my taco salads and nachos without any guilt or pondering if I should use the points on it.  You could use this to dip sandwiches into, pretzels, drizzle over a broccoli stuffed potato, etc.  The possibilities are endless.
The greatest things about this dip is a 2 tablespoon serving is 0 points plus!  Yes, ZERO points plus!  Whereas you can have 4-6 tablespoons for 1 points plus values!  If you were feeling adventurous you could even eat the entire jar for 5 points plus values.  I’m not saying you should, but I’m just throwing that out there incase you’re wondering.
I cannot rave about this queso dip enough.  Two thumbs up, Trader Joe’s!  Well done!
Have you tried the Queso Cheese dip from Trader Joe’s?  If not, what is your favorite queso dip (if you have one)?