Thomas’ Limited Edition Cranberry English Muffins

After trying out the Thomas’ Limited Edition Cranberry Bagels I decided to give the Thomas’ Limited Edition Cranberry English Muffins a try.  I admit bagels are more of my “thing” over English muffins, but I do enjoy a good English muffin now and again.
Thomas’ comes out with limited edition products based on the season. As we know with winter/Christmas … cranberry is all the rage. The one major difference I noticed is the cranberry bagels have a slight sweetness in taste and smell to them (they smell along the line of a blueberry bagel).  Whereas the cranberry English are along the tarter side of the equation and have a rather distinct cranberry scent to them. Texture wise they are your classic English muffin, which has a flakey soft inside, which thanks to the cranberries is slightly moist.  They toast up perfectly and are tasty with a bit of spray butter or even cinnamon butter on them.
A serving, 1 muffin, is 150 calories or 4 points plus values.
Have you tried any of the Thomas’ Limited Edition products?

Thomas’ Limited Edition Cranberry Bagels

While at the grocery store, I noticed they had some new bagels in the Thomas’ section. I had been enjoying the Trader Joe Pumpkin bagels, so when I spotted cranberry bagels I was intrigued. I picked up the package and like I do with most baked bread items, I gave it a sniff and I could smell the cranberry scent right through the plastic. I checked the nutrition facts and put the bag into my cart.
Like most companies, Thomas’ releases new flavored items based on the season and the winter season comes with plenty gingerbread (which are one of the flavor options available) and cranberry. Thomas’ Limited Edition Cranberry Bagels are quite delicious. They remind me of the blueberry bagels, where they are very fragrant and taste just like the fruit but milder.  They smell more fragrant than they taste, but nonetheless they are delicious. The cranberry isn’t too sweet or too tart – it’s just right. They’re great with a little butter, or they’re even better with a little peanut butter.
Each bagel is 250 calories or 6 points plus values.
Have you tried any of the Thomas’ Limited Edition winter flavors?

Thomas’ Limited Edition Pumpkin Spice English Muffins

I’ve seen these Thomas’ Limited Edition Pumpkin Spice English Muffins at my local grocery store for a few weeks and I admit I refrained from purchasing because they were not on sale. Who knew English muffins were $5+ a pack if not on sale? Not I for sure! This past week Thomas’ products were on sale for $2 a pack, so I picked one up because I’ve wanted to try it.
The English muffins are very fragrant in the bag. So fragrant I was expecting a burst of pumpkin spice – perhaps even a little overload upon first bite. The muffins are fork split which makes taking it apart easier. I toasted it up, and I will say they are very soft – softer than your average English muffin.  I added some peanut butter and a few slices of banana to it for breakfast.  But … I have to say these don’t taste anything like they smell. They taste almost plain. The pumpkin flavor is there but it’s so mild it’s almost unrecognizable. I wasn’t wowed by them and I haven’t had another since I first tried it.  It’s not that they aren’t any good … it’s just not the flavor category I was anticipating.
A whole muffin is 150 calories or 4 points plus values.
What is your favorite English muffin flavor?

Thomas’ Limited Edition Banana Bread English Muffins

I love banana bread so when I saw these Thomas’ Limited Edition Banana Bread English Muffins they immediately had to become part of my grocery purchase.
English muffins are quite a breakfast food staple, at least for me – growing up it was either toast or English muffins.  Whereas, banana bread has always been a classic homemade breakfast food/snack/dessert that my family made for each other as well as family friends.  I quite enjoy the two on their own and have even incorporated English muffins into pizza and banana bread flavorings into pancakes.  So, needless to say when I spotted these I was completely and utterly intrigued. I just made homemade banana bread which was the same points plus equivalent.  These also smelled heavenly – even through the plastic bag they’re sold in!
My 15 month old nephew was over, so I figured it was a perfect time to try one out, so I toasted one up, spritzed it with spray butter and he and I shared one.  I thought it was so yummy – a modern twist on a classic.  Since I toasted mine, you get that expected exterior crisp on the outside, the inside being a little bit softer.  The flavor is undoubtedly banana bread (sans nuts) and I did not find the flavoring to be overwhelming or “fake”.  I quite enjoyed it. You may be asking, what were my nephew’s sentiments? “Yum!”
One muffin is 4 points plus values.
Have you tried the Thomas’ banana bread English muffins?