Zone Perfect- Fudge Graham Bar

I have been looking for a good tasting protein bar for a while.  The only issue with protein bars is that so many people have different tastes.  Some love certain ones, others hate them.  I’ve tried Cliff bars and have not been a fan (of at least the flavors I’ve tried).  I’ve enjoyed Quest Bars, well, the flavors that I have tried thus far.  But I started hearing more and more about Zone Perfect bars and how they’re pretty delicious and filling.  Many say they’re a perfect snack to have during the day or to have after a work-out where you’re hungry but in search of something quick.  But as with many things, everyone has a different flavor that’s their favorite.
So, I picked up a box of the Zone Perfect Fudge Graham nutrition bars on Wal-Mart’s website for $4.77.  Trying to incorporate a little more protein into my diet (these have 14 grams of protein BTW), I decided to try one and I have to say it’s delicious!  My boyfriend even had one and he was quite impressed.  It reminds me of a candy bar that’s covered in rice crispy’s. The inside has that rice crispy quality to it.  While I may not completely pick up on the “graham” I find that it has a very nice taste and it’s delicious.  Lately, I’ve been finding myself reaching for one mid-afternoon between that lunch/dinner time slot where you’re looking for something and/or just need something with a little substance.
Points Plus wise these are 5 points a piece. Not bad because they really are quite filling. I mean, you’re not going to feel stuffed – but drink some water with these and your hunger pains will be gone.  I like these so much I picked up another box (different flavor) to try out – but I think I’ve found my “go to” protein bars from now on!
Have you tried any of the Zone Perfect bars?