Trader Joe’s Vegetable Samosas

I enjoy a number of Indian dishes and one of the items I truly enjoy is hands down samosas. I used to work with a father and daughter who would bring in homemade samosas to company pot lucks … and my love for them blossomed.  So needless to say, when I spotted these Trader Joe’s Vegetable Samosas I had to give them a go.
I decided to cook these up in the oven and have them for a late lunch.  They cook up and resemble homemade samosas.  While baking in the oven they do let off a little bit of oil residue, which when you’re eating makes your fingers a little shiny, but it’s nothing overwhelming. They’re packed with vegetables and flavor while they are also a little spicy. I found it to be a pleasant spice, but I shared these with my mother who thought it was a little too spicy for her taste.  I enjoyed my samosas with a side salad and it was a delicious meal.
A serving is 2 samosas, which is 170 calories or 4 points plus values.  I would suggest if the samosas are not going to be eaten in one sitting to not heat them all up because as they sit the crust does get softer. I hadn’t put them into the fridge (all were eaten in a day) but I think if they were put into the refrigerator they’d be soggy overnight.
Do you enjoy vegetable samosas?