Somersaults – Cinnamon Crunch

I spotted this pack of Somersaults – Cinnamon Crunch while browsing the snack aisle at Target. The bag caught my attention because it’s different from normal run of the mill snacks – plus the little “All Natural” description near the opening of the bag peaked my interest.   I put them in my cart not really knowing what to expect because I honestly hadn’t tried anything like what I imagined it to be.
Opening the pouch, I was rewarded with a nice sweet cinnamon scent. Taking one of the nuggets out of the bag and popping it into my mouth, they certainly are crunchy and a bit hard.  They’re not rock hard, but they are very crunchy.  You can see the sunflower seeds atop of each nugget.  Tastewise they remind me of very cinnamon infused granola. They have that classic granola flavor in there, even with it being a completely different texture and product.  They’re quite good – sweet, crunchy, flavorful, and even a few is enough to satisfy your snacky tooth.  I enjoy these on their own, or alongside my yogurt as an added treat.
A serving, which is 14 pieces, is 140 calories and 4 points plus values.
Have you tried Somersaults?