Funky Monkey Bananamon

I picked up a bag of Funky Monkey Bananamon freeze dried fruit while at Walmart because it seemed interesting and overall healthier in comparison to other freeze dried bananas.  I love freeze dried bananas, but I don’t love how loaded with additional sugar and calories – so needless to say I haven’t had freeze dried bananas until I purchased this bag.  Plus, I prefer to have actual fruit instead of candied fruit.
I was intrigued to try them because the ingredients were simply two ingredients and I could pronounce both of them.  Freeze dried organic banana and organic cinnamon.  How simple is that!?  No chemicals, no additives, fat free, real fruit, and they have no sugar added.
Opening the bag the banana slices look like regular freeze dried bananas, but puffier.  They had a bit of a glistening to them.  After trying a few I found the texture was completely different from “regular” freeze dried bananas. These are airier and crispier and the cinnamon gives the bananas a bit of an apple flavor. Perhaps that’s just me because I like apples with cinnamon, but the cinnamon made the bananas kind of reminiscent of apples with an underlying banana flavor. Unique.  They’re not bad and I’d probably buy another bag if I was ever in the mood for freeze dried fruit again.
A package is considered a serving, which rings in at 110 calories or for those following Weight Watchers they are 3 points plus.  I will say they are a little expensive, under $3 a bag – BUT I will say I’ve seen unique flavored fruit (something with lime) at Big Lots for $1 or 50 cents.
Have you tried any of the Funky Monkey freeze dried fruits?