Haul: Weight Watchers 5 Qt. Chef’s Pan

I popped into Big Lots this past Friday and picked up the Weight Watchers 5 Qt. Chef’s Pan.  I’ve purchased the grill pan and 10 inch fry pan set a few months back and have loved it ever since. Some of the cooking pans have seen brighter days, so this is an effort to clear out the old and bring in the new.
The pans are aluminum non-stick skillets, which are perfect because nothing is worse than preparing something to eat and having it stick to the bottom of the pan. Plus I don’t like having so coat the bottom of a pan to ensure it doesn’t stick. I had originally hoped to be able to find the set that contained 8 pieces, but when I spotted the 5 Qt. Chef’s Pan I snatched it up quickly.  I like meals that have sauces, etc. and having a pan with high sides and a cover is perfect.
The greatest part is the pan was right under $20. Score!
Have you purchased any new cookware lately?