Hungry Girl Gooey Butterfinger Cupcakes

Along with the popcorn balls for Halloween, there were also cupcakes for dessert to share with my little ghouls and goblins – Hungry Girl Gooey Butterfinger Cupcakes that is.  In the e-mail I received from Hungry Girl they looked delicious and seemed super easy to whip together … so I had to give them a go.
I really do enjoy making lighter versions of desserts because typically the crowd eating them truly have no idea- and this recipe certainly is one of those. The cupcakes took no time to whip together and then bake up.  Once they were cooled I topped them with the marshmallow fluff glaze, then sprinkled each cupcake with some of the chopped up Butterfinger candy bar. Simple, easy peasy and they really do look a little bit fancy.
The downside – I found the next day the candy bits sucked up all the marshmallow topping. They looked like chocolate cupcakes with wet caramel colored bits on top of them. Definitely not something you’d want to present to guests so sadly I ended up having to throw the remaining cupcakes away because nobody was eating them.  So with that I say – make this recipe the day you plan on serving them.
The recipe made 12 cupcakes and each cupcake was 127 calories or 3 points plus values.
You can find the recipe here:

Cupcakes from Eat Cake!

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If you’re a fan of cupcakes and a fan of Food Network then you may have seen an episode or two of Cupcake Wars.  I admit, I’ve seen a few Cupcake War episodes in my past and I have a slight love of visiting spots that have been featured on the Food Network – primarily out of curiosity to “see what the fuss is all about.”
Almost 2 years ago my boyfriend and I stumbled upon this little bakery in Newburyport called “Eat Cake.” I was intrigued because there was a Food Network sign in the window and a little blurb about the shop being featured on Cupcake Wars. I was suddenly transformed to a magnet and the cupcake shop was my large piece of metal.  Heading inside the shop they typically have 5 variation of flavored cupcakes of the day.  You never know what you’re going find unless you go there or visit their Facebook page to see what the flavors of the day are.  Each cupcake is also $3/ea which is a bit pricey but for the experience and the different flavors, it’s worth it once in a while.
Popping into the shop the cupcakes are the main attraction.  The countertop is lined with glass covered cake pans with cupcakes piled high with buttercream – all assorted in flavors.  In front of the counter is a chalkboard which has the daily menu printed on it – to help make choosing easier. Or in my case, a little more difficult.
After giving the cupcakes a once over, my boyfriend and I decided on three. One cupcake he really wanted, one I really wanted and one we each wanted to try.  So 3 cupcakes we got were:
Coconut-Coconut Goo- Vanilla Butterceam.  Our pick. This cupcake was a vanilla cupcake, which was topped with a coconut “goo” which really reminded me of the inside of a mounds bar, just stickier.  It was then topped with a vanilla buttercream and garnished with toasted coconut.  It was moist and delicious, but definitely sweet.
Chocolate Fudge – Strawberry Buttercream. My boyfriends pick. This was a chocolate cupcake dipped into a fudgy chocolate, then topped with a strawberry buttercream and garnished with shaved chocolate pieces. My boyfriend enjoyed it as he’s a chocolate cake fan. His was actually not as sweet as one would suspect and it was undoubtedly moist.
Hummingbird Cake – Honey Cinnamon Buttercream. My pick. I have been eyeing a hummingbird cake recipe online for months – the only thing holding me back from making it being the fact I don’t have pecans in the house. So when I saw this listed on the sign, I immediately wanted it. The cupcake is a classic hummingbird flavored cake – bananay, cinnamonny, nutty and just delicious.  The buttercream was sweet with a cinnamon flavoring to it. Undoubtedly delicious. It reminded me of banana bead in a light and airy cupcake form.
I at first estimated each cupcake being 9 points plus values. After taking a bite, I decided to roll those estimates up to 12 points plus values.  Sure, it was high for a dessert … but it was worth it.
What is the best cupcake you’ve ever tried?