Eating out @ Subway – Foot Long Black Forest Ham

Subway is one of my favorite fast food chains because I can get a delicious sandwich, exactly how I like it (loaded with all the fresh veggies I love). Admittedly I don’t go to Subway very often, but when I do I have a few options available for myself and I know the points plus values associated with whatever I’d like to order.  This particular night Subway wasn’t on my particular menu, but after going back and fourth trying to figure out what we’d like to get “subs” were said at the same time … so subs it was!
Since I had the points and hadn’t had a decent meal I opted to go with the foot long black forest ham, no cheese, on whole wheat – toasted of course. After toasting it up, I pretty much had every vegetable offered put on it – lettuce, tomato, pickle, onion, green pepper, cucumbers, spinach, banana pepper rings, a few olives, salt, pepper, oregano, a little yellow mustard and to top it off since my Subway carries it – crushed hot peppers.
The sandwich was delicious, filling and hearty. Definitely worth the 15 points plus values!