Sandwich Bros. Gyro Sliders

After trying out the Sandwich Bros. Angus Burgers I decided to give the Sandwich Bros. Gyro Slidersa try.  I’m a fan of gyros every now and again, but since it’s hard to find Gyros in my area, unless I travel to get them, that these would be a unique and different treat.  I do on occasion make a chicken gyro at home, but … it’s true sometimes a gyro just isn’t complete without that burger/lamb meat combination.
The thing I like about these Sandwich Bros sandwiches is the fact they are all set and ready to eat. The only work involved is wrapping the sandwich up in a napkin and heating in the microwave for 40 seconds. It really simplifies a quick meal or snack without having to think much.
The gyro is, as are all the sandwiches in the line, encased in a soft pita bread pocket. The gyro meat is flavorful and juicy.  I will say it’s not truly complete without some tzatziki sauce, tomato and onion.  The pockets are small, but they can hold additional toppings, which is a plus.  I think these are good but they’re not as good as the Angus Burgers I tried.
Each sandwich is 150 calories – which translates to 4 points plus values.
Have you tried the Sandwich Bros. Gyro Sliders?