Banana Pepper Ring Pizza

There are times when you want pizza … but you don’t want the “typical” toppings that come on pizza. In that case, you order a Banana Pepper Ring Pizza!
We have a local pizzeria in town which is essentially Little Caesar’s prime competition. The pies are slightly smaller but they’re made the same, etc.  The one unique thing about this pizza shop is that they offer a variety of toppings and one of my all time favorite pizzas has banana pepper rings on it.  Banana pepper rings are a mildly hot pepper, which can come off as tangy versus hot. They take a plain cheese pizza and truly transform it into a delicious and different treat.
Typically with pizzas that I don’t normally have I will put a slice on my scale, get the ounces or grams and find a similar pie on e-tools. And with these, it’s comparable to Little Caesar’s so it was 7 point s plus for a slice.
What is your favorite pizza topping?