Starbucks Iced Coffee by Pepsi Co.

Whenever I think of Starbucks, I think of going into my local coffee house and ordering my coffee from a friendly barista and putting my own low fat milk into it, to make it as point friendly as I possibly can.
I know Starbucks has a line of frappes out on the market, but I can’t tell you the last time I touched one of those.  So when I spotted a new iced coffee version on the shelf, I was immediately intrigued and had to calculate the Points Plus values.  I picked up the low calorie coffee which was made with 2% milk and was lightly sweetened and decided to give it a try – after all it was only 1 points plus value for the entire bottle.
I am an avid coffee (and ice coffee) drinker, so I wanted to have something like this on hand, for on the fly, when I wanted coffee and either didn’t want to go out to buy one or just simply didn’t want to make one.  After giving this a try (even straight out of the bottle – chilled) I have to say this is a pretty home run hit for Starbucks/Pepsi Co (who manufacturers it).  The coffee tastes like a coffee I would order out.  The only thing I think that could make this better would be to open it up and pour it over a nice tall glass of ice.  Perfectly refreshing with that nice true caffeine taste.
Have you tried the new Starbucks to-go iced coffees?