Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate filled with Speculoos Cookie Spread

I had seen this Dark Chocolate filled Speculoos Cookie Spread chocolate bar at Trader Joe’s a number of times but hadn’t picked it up, until one of my last trips.  I was browsing the snack section of Trader Joe’s and decided to just grab the bar to try it out with my boyfriend.  We both absolutely LOVE cookie butter – so cookie butter mixed with chocolate?  Could that possible be the recipe for heaven?
Fristly, I do want to mention that I am not a dark chocolate fan for the most part. But the cookie butter was my immediate seller.  I split this with my boyfriend during our movie night and I have to say the chocolate is pretty good.  The dark chocolate most definitely cuts the sweetness of cookie butter (since I’ll admit, even though I LOVE cookie butter it can get incredibly and overpoweringly sweet after a while).  Creating it with dark chocolate is definitely an A+ and a home run.
The whole bar contains 6 squares, and for those of us who are Weight Watchers members the whole bar is 7 points plus.  Half of the bar (3 squares) is 3 points plus.  In all honesty, half of the bar is well enough to satisfy any sweet tooth.
Have you trie the Dark Chocolate filled Speculoos Cookie Spread bar?

Trader Joe’s Moist Chewy Coconut BonBons

On my last Trader Joe’s haul I finally picked up these Coconut BonBons I had seem them the last few times I went shopping and kept saying “You don’t need those.”  Well, since I figured I wouldn’t be hitting up Trader Joe’s for a few weeks I’d pick them up, putt hem in the closet and snack on them (and share of course) with whoever may like one.
Firstly, I will say if you have ever seen Married with Children, these would be Peg Bundy’s ultimate dream (incase you are not aware Peg Bundy was a bonbon aficionado).  Since I love coconut anything, I knew these had to be a dream waiting to happen and I was right.  The center reminds me of a gooey coconut macaroon.  The one thing I didn’t think was a homerun for me was the fact that these are coated in dark chocolate.  I admit I didn’t look at the ingredients to see it stated dark chocolate, but by looking at them in the container I assumed (incorrectly) that these were milk chocolate.  A milk chocolate variety would undoubtedly make these a smash hit for me!
Weight Watchers Points Plus wise a serving (2 pieces) is4 points plus, but 1 piece would be 2 points plus.
What is your favorite Trader Joe’s snack?