Ore-Ida Simply Country Style French Fries

I spotted the Ore-Ida Simply Country Style French Fries at Target a couple weeks ago so I picked up the bag. I’ve tried the potato wedges which are one of my favorites in the frozen fry department, so I figured we’d give the French fry version a shot.
The French fries can crisp up nicely if the pan is sprayed with Pam and the frozen fries are then spritzed with a little more Pam. Just like the potato wedges these are a classic and delicious frozen French fry.  Sprinkled with a tad of salt and dipped into ketchup, there truly is no need for deep fried French fries.  Since they’re all natural fries they’re pretty favorable in the calorie/points plus department. I’ve enjoyed these alongside chicken fingers, sausage and even hamburgers.  Unfortunately these aren’t sold at very many grocery retailers around me, so when I do find them I try to grab a bag or two just to have them on hand.
A 3 ounce serving is 120 calories or 3 points plus values.  Well worth it in my opinion.
Have you tried any of the Ore-Ida Simply potatoes?