Flavor Infuser

I popped into CVS the other day to pick up some medicine and on my way back to the checkout I noticed the summer items were on clearance. Clearance? Why of course I have to check it out … and I’m glad I did.  Most of the items were 75% off, while others (like the fancy popable lunch dishes) were not on sale.
I spotted these bright lidded “to go” drink cups and picked one up.  This is a Flavor Infuser cup which is a double walled cup that has a removable silicone lid to allow for dropping in fresh fruit to make naturally sweetened and flavored water. The design of the fruit resin allows for fruit, herbs and even vegetables to be added to your water for a fresh boost of flavor.  According to the package, the design of the infuser reduces pulp and seeds from becoming “one” with your beverage.
I thought it was pretty neat and felt possibilities would be endless with this little gem. I could even throw a few ice cubes in with the fruit OR even freeze the fruit and add it in to make my water flavorful, yet frosty.
The greatest part was the cups are originally $7.99, but with the 75% off, I paid $1.99.  So if you’re in the market for a new to-go cup for your water – check out your local CVS’ summer clearance section.
Have you ever used a flavor infuser or a similar product?

My $2 Life is Good Nalgene Water Bottle

This was a perfect and rather unsuspecting haul.  I received a $10 certificate from a local store, Bob’s because I have a store rewards card with them and they typically send you a $10 certificate twice a year, plus one for your birthday.  I typically go in there when I get these (even when I don’t get the certificates) to get my sneakers, sandals and typically some sort of attire.  I have a new pair of sneakers in the closet and I didn’t need another pair of sandals so I decided to pick up this pretty pink with heart accent Life is Good Nalgene water bottle.  The bottle itself holds 32 ounces of water, which is fabulous since I typically only buy water bottles that can hold at a minimum 28 ounces of water.  I originally was going to pick up a camel back bottle BUT I am not a fan of bottles that have straws because since my bottles ALWAYS have water in them, I find straws rust out on me rather quickly.  So with this not having a straw, I don’t have to worry about that happening!

What is your favorite brand of water container?