Eating Out – Subway Edition

When my boyfriend and I went away we made a stop at the mall. It was late in the afternoon and we did not have lunch yet.  Walking by the little fast food Asian food spots my nose was following the trail to the chicken teriyaki.  I knew deep down inside I wouldn’t truly enjoy it, but it smelled good and I was starving.  Asking my boyfriend what he wanted to eat he mentioned Subway (which I was silently grateful for) so off to Subway we went.
I’ve learned from many years of doing Weight Watchers, stick with wheat bread (not honey wheat, sadly).  It’s the lowest point bread, plus Subway calculates all of their nutrition information with that choice meat on that bread (cheese and condiments, not included).  I typically stick with the turkey breast – which is what I ordered in this case.  A foot long turkey, on wheat, toasted loaded up with fresh vegetables, banana peppers, black pepper, oregano and a little bit of spicy brown mustard.  I ended up eating half in the mall food court and wrapped the other half up to eat later in the afternoon.  Half of the sandwich is 7 points, the whole thing being 14 points plus.
Undoubtedly delicious and incredibly filling.
What is your favorite thing to order at Subway?