Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Biscotti

I picked up a container of Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Biscotti after spotting them rather accidentally. I was looking to grab a pack of the Five Seed Almond Bars when I noticed the bright orange container. My attention was immediately diverted so I picked up the container to check out the nutrition facts. Right then a Trader Joe’s employee walked by and said “those are delicious!” … and we can say, that sealed the deal.
I enjoy biscotti cookies and I love pumpkin – and since I have never had pumpkin biscotti I felt it would be a nice treat.  My personal favorite biscotti are chewier biscotti, not the classic hard biscotti … which these are. These particular biscotti are very crunchy and hard and are best to eat with tea or coffee … as regular biscotti tend to be best eaten.  Taste wise these are pumpkin spice flavored, whereas texture wise they’re hard, crunchy and slightly crispy.  I’m not saying these are bad, they’re good … but I’d enjoy them a lot more if they were slightly chewy, but that’s just personal preference.
A serving is 2 biscotti cookies, which are 110 calories or 3 points plus. The biscotti cookies are smaller – smaller than the size of your finger.
What is your favorite type of biscotti?

Cravebox: Coffee Lovers (Limited Edition)

As some of you are aware, I am a member of Cravebox – which is a subscription service that provides food based and beauty/health related items to their members.  It’s geared towards being a monthly subscription – but boxes do not come monthly.  Lately, they’ve been gearing more towards limited edition special boxes for members to request to be included in the drawing for the particular boxes that are available.  I received an e-mail about a Coffee Lovers box and I immediately added myself into the drawing since I am a complete coffee fanatic.
I received my box on Friday, opened it and I have to say … I’m a little bummed.  The box, in my opinion, could have been a whole lot more spectacular, especially for the $12 paid for the box.  I will use the products I received and I am happy I got sugar-free syrup since I have a French vanilla in the cabinet that I’m using up.  The coffee is also a repeat of the Cooking Light box I received last month as well as the syrup (except this one is in a new flavor).  I feel as though when I need coffee I’m a deal seeker by heart and I’d get me some coffee for $12 – not just a bag, cookies and a syrup LOL.  So, yeah, not 100% thrilled this time around – sadly.  End tirade.
Here’s what I received in my box:
          Tully’s French Roast Coffee
          Torani Sugar Free French Vanilla syrup
          Barbara’s Bakery High-Fiber Cranberry Medley
          Biscotti Brothers Almond Biscotti
          Biscotti Brothers Cranberry Blueberry Almond and Oats Granotti
Have you ever heard of Cravebox?
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