Lean Pockets Pretzel Bread Sandwiches – Mesquite BBQ Chicken

I picked up a box of Lean Pockets Pretzel Bread Sandwiches – Mesquite BBQ Chicken because it was the closest I could get to the original Hot Pockets BBQ Chicken pockets. Plus it was only 6 points plus for a single serving (BTW I love the fact that Lean Pockets has the Weight Watchers points plus values listed ON the box! It makes picking up frozen items for quick meals so much easier!)
Heating it up in the microwave, I could smell the BBQ chicken so it gave me high hopes for the lean pocket. Unfortunately, after the first bite and then the second those high hopes were quickly smashed.  The pretzel crust totally overwhelmed the mesquite BBQ flavoring; it was actually not even noticeable with the crust.  The pretzel crust just stole the show – which was unfortunate because I wanted the filling to steal the show.  These taste just like the “skin” of a cooked, soft pretzel without all the added salt.  You may be lucky to get a hint of mesquite out of the pretzel crust – but nonetheless I wasn’t impressed.  I think I’ll be refraining from purchasing any Lean Pockets that have a pretzel crust just because I wasn’t a true fan of the flavor.
What is your favorite flavor Lean Pockets?