Weight Watchers Marshmallow Brownie Crunch Snack Bar

Weight Watchers meeting locations came out with new mini snack bars right before the new roll out of Weight Watchers Simply Filling plan.  I’d been eyeing the snack bars but decided to wait because out of all of the Weight Watcher products the snack bars tend to be the one product that can go either hit or miss with me.  Before I was able to purchase a box (which I later did) I was given a free sample of the bar during my meeting.
The bars are the same size of all Weight Watcher mini bars (3-4 bites and its gone). They are on the sweeter side, but they’re not what I’d consider to be sickeningly sweet. It satisfies my sweet tooth and it’s perfect because I can have 1 bar instead of having an entire tray of tempting brownies sitting in my kitchen. They have a chewy brownie texture, which has a chocolate coating around it. It’s then topped with marshmallow and crunchy bits and drizzled with chocolate.  Completely decadent and worth points plus!
Each bar is 2 points plus values and are available for sale at Weight Watchers meeting locations.