Tuna Salad on Salad

Lately I’ve been going for tuna fish to be a staple lunch or even dinner for myself.  With it being summer, tuna salad is one of the dishes I find myself enjoying more than normal. My tuna salad I used to make was 5 points plus values, but I had been looking to cut back on the points to make a tasty tuna salad for half the points.  I was fiddling with the recipe and came up with a concoction that I totally love and find to be very appealing on the palette.  It’s great on top of a bed of salad, while it’s also great on bread or pita as a yummy sandwich (with some added tomato and lettuce to bring it home).
3 Points Plus Values. Serves 1.
  • 1 can tuna (weighed out 3 oz), drained, shredded
  • Onion, diced (adjust to your liking)
  • Pickle, diced
  • Salt, to taste
  • Pepper, to taste
  • 1 tbsp light mayonnaise
  • 2 tbsp yellow mustard
  • 1 tbsp crushed hot peppers
Mix all ingredients in a bowl until well combined. Adjust salt and pepper to taste.  Serve on salad or on bread (adjust points plus values to reflect bread choice.

Dannon Light & Fit Greek Blends – Key Lime

On my quest to try out the new Dannon Light & Fit Greek Blends yogurt I found the Key Lime flavor after thinking there were only 3 flavors in the line.  As I’ve mentioned numerous times in my blog, I really enjoy Greek yogurt. Because of this, I love finding different Greek yogurts that are points plus friendly and equally delicious.  I was intrigued because I have tried other key lime yogurts and have quite enjoyed them. Key lime is one of those tangy flavors that’s just different and unique.
If you’re not a fan of lime, then this yogurt will probably not be a homerun for you.  It’s not tangy, it’s a sweeter lime flavor, and in my opinion it’s definitely delicious.  It reminds of the Dannon Oikos key lime yogurts which I have grown to love.  Granted, they’re made by the same company so they may very well be the same thing in different packaging.
As with the other yogurts in this particular line, these are 2 points plus values.
Have you tried any of the Dannon Light & Fit Greek Blends?

Minute Maid Light 15 Calories Light Mango Passion Fruit Drink

I had picked up the pink lemonade version and since it was so good, I decided to try out the Minute Maid Light 15 Calories Light Mango Passion Fruit Drink. I adore mango passion fruit mixes (yogurt, juice, etc.) so I was hoping this wouldn’t let me down.
I do want to mention you have to shake this bad boy up. It has a bit of “settlement” on the bottom when it’s been sitting in the fridge untouched.  Shake it up and you’re good to go. The juice is absolutely delicious.  It is sweetened with aspartame which may be a determent for some.  The artificial sweetener isn’t a no-go for me, so I did enjoy this. It’s probably one of the best guilt-free juices I have had.  It’s a perfect blend of mango and passion fruit.  The only thing that could make this better would be a tropical beach, warm water and a little umbrella in my icy beverage.
A serving is 1 cup (8 fl. oz) which calculates out to be 0 points plus.  You can have up to 1 ½ cups (12 fl. oz) for 0 points plus, but if you’d like 2 cups (16 fl. oz) it would be 1 points plus.  Certainly a great bang for your buck!
Have you tried any of the Minute Maid light drinks?

Trader Joe’s Greek Style Chicken with Orzo, Spinach and Feta Cheese

I’ve begun dabbling more and more into the selection of “heat and eat” meals at Trader Joe’s.  I’ve found a number that are repeat purchases for me, while with others I’m first trying them out.  The Trader Joe’s Greek Style Chicken with Orzo, Spinach and Feta Cheese is one of those meals I’ve seen couintless times but just had not purchased.  That is until my last Trader Joe’s trip where I picked it up to try something new.  Typically with these heat and eat meals, I share them with my boyfriend or end up sharing with my mother (depending on the meal).  This is one of those meals I ended up sharing with my mother (hence the feta cheese and olives – they’re not my boyfriends forte).
Typically I find with most of the heat and eat meals, they contain 2 servings but this particular meal contains 3 servings.  1/3 of the container is a serving size – weighed out a serving is 170 grams.  The serving should typically consist of 2 slices of chicken and then 1/3 of the orzo mixture.  The interesting thing with this particular meal is you can either eat it cold or hot.  I prefer hot because I don’t necessarily care for cold meats (aside from deli meat).
The meal itself is good. The chicken is on the plainer side, but it is moist.  The orzo mixture is delicious, although I will say when eating it with the olives it makes it VERY salty.  So salty, that I had to pick the olives out of my meal and discard them.  I’m also not a fan of sundried tomatoes so I had to pick those out of the meal as well.  Nonetheless, regardless of having to remove a few additions, I found the meal was good.  I would repurchase it again, but it’s not a meal that I’d repurchase every time I popped into Trader Joe’s.  I found the serving size to be more than adequate and filled me until dinner time.  It really turned me onto orzo, which I’ve never had in a meal before.
A serving size calculates out to 8 points plus values.
What “heat and eat” meals have you tried from Trader Joe’s?

Skinny Cow Cupcake Batter Ice Cream

When I saw Skinny Cowhad released a new single serving ice cream Cupcake Batter Ice Cream (wayyyy back in March!), I was immediately on the hunt.  Sadly, my hunting continuously came up high and dry because I couldn’t find them anywhere – they just were not available in my area for the longest time — until recently. I’ve seen them popping up on grocery store shelves, so I of course had to grab one to give it a whirl.
One thing I love about Skinny Cow ice creams is they taste just as good as the full-fat point heavy ice creams on the market. They also make shopping simpler because the points plus values are printed on the packaging making choosing a little easier.
I’m a lover of cake batter ice cream, but I believe I may have hyped this point friendly cupcake batter ice cream up more than I should have. Perhaps I made it too good to be true because after a few bites, sadly, I was no longer impressed.  The cupcake/cake batter flavor fizzled after 3-bites and I was left with something that kind of resembled caramel.  It was odd. I doubt I’ll be buying another one of these … I’ll stick with my beloved Skinny Cow cones and sandwiches.
This single serve ice cream cup is 4 points plus.
What is your favorite Skinny Cow ice cream?

Justin’s Organic Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

When I spotted these Justin’s Organic Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups I was immediately excited. I LOVE peanut butter cups – or rather, I should say: I LOVE Reese cups … as well as homemade buckeyes.
I’ve seen Justin’s peanut butter in small serving pouches countless times at Target, but I have never picked up a pack.  On its own, I’m not the biggest peanut butter fan.  I enjoy it once in a while on toasted bread, but I felt purchasing the peanut butter was a waste since I’d rather a Cookie Butter sandwich over a pb sandwich any day.  Chocolate and peanut butter is a heavenly sin and since Justin’s is a healthier form of peanut butter and since it was organic, I decided I’d give it a shot.
A pack is 6 points plus, or you can have one cup for 3 points plus.  I opened the package, took my photos, gave my boyfriend a cup and took a bite of mine … and was immediately done.  The peanut butter was dry. The chocolate was drier. It was pale in comparison to the peanut butter cups I’m used to enjoying. Truthfully, after the first bite, it wasn’t worth my points and I offered it to my boyfriend.  He felt they were “ok” but agreed they were very dry.
I’m sorry to say but I’ll be sticking with my Reese cups going forward. Those never let me down plus they’re the same points plus values as the Justin’s.
Have you tried the Justin’s peanut butter cups?

Trader Joe’s Reduced Guilt Chucky Guacamole

I picked up this Reduced Guilt Chunky Guacamole at Trader Joe’s after hearing that it was pretty good.  I checked out the nutrition label and was duly impressed, so I made sure to bring it home with me to try out.  Guacamole is typically higher in fat and calories when made the regular way – but Trader Joe’s found a way to make it a friendly food by incorporating the dish with greek yogurt.
Trader Joe’s really does impress me with some of the items they come out with – needless to say, this is one of them.  I can’t say I’m a huge guacamole fan, but this particular guacamole easily became my favorite (I don’t love avocados).  I was incorporating this into my nachos, chicken burgers, or plain right alongside some tortillas/crackers. It’s a smooth and creamy guacamole which is packed with flavor. There are smaller chunks of vegetables (and even pieces of avocado if you’re lucky) running through the guacamole with a cilantro, lime flavor in the background.  I don’t find it to be spicy even though the label does state there are jalapeno’s in the dish. It’s creamier than your average guacamole, which I feel is to be expected because there is Greek yogurt in the dish.
Amazingly, a 2 tablespoon serving is only 1 points plus values!  Definitely worth a shot if you’re even remotely a guacamole fan OR just living life on the edge!
Have you tried the reduced guilt guac?

Dinner: Big Ole Salad w/ Perdue Chicken Breast & Fire Roasted Corn

Sometimes I forget how much I enjoy salad.  A plain salad is fine for me as long as there’s a yummy dressing or feta cheese for it.  But I find I enjoy salad a lot more than I add additional “toppings” to it. This dinner really went hand-in-hand with this weeks Weight Watchers topic – salads!  Salads don’t have to be boring, salads can really house anything you want to put on them – vegetables, fruits, proteins, dressings.  You name it; it can probably go on a salad in some way shape or form (and it’ll be delicious).
We had some of the Purdue Perfect Portions Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts in Italian season defrosting.  I really enjoy that chicken because I don’t have to measure out 3 ounces – each cutlet is perfectly portioned so I can grab a chicken breast, put it on my salad and I don’t have to think about it or weigh it out.  Anyway, initially I was making a salad to have on the side, alongside some fire roasted corn and potato – but then said “why not just make a big ole salad.” So that’s exactly what I did.
My salad consisted of the basic romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, red onion, and cucumber.  I paired it with 1/3 cup fire roasted corn (1 points plus values, or a full serving 2/3 cups is 3 points plus) and topped it with the grilled Perdue chicken breast (3 points plus values) which I sliced up.  I then topped it with some honey mustard dressing. The whole salad was only 5 points plus values, incredibly filling and above all delicious.  The fire roasted corn gave the salad a bold interesting kick, which really brought everything together and made it unique.
Certainly delicious and anything BUT boring!
What do you do to jazz up your salads?

Trader Joe’s Pulled Chicken Breast

Over the course of the past year, I have been trying out different packaged pulled chicken meals. I like a slightly sweet yet smoky barbecue sauce with my pulled chicken.  I had high hopes for this Trader Joe’s Pulled Chicken Breast with Rib Meat in Smoky BBQ Sauce.
A serving size is 1/3 of the package – 151grams.  Its 140 calories for the serving and only 3 points plus values which I felt was impressive.  What really sold me was the “smoky BBQ sauce” so I decided to take a gamble and pick up a package.  I heated it through for lunch one afternoon, piled my serving onto a Trader Joe’s multigrain slim and paired it with a cut up microwave cooked potato for “fries.”
At first it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t delicious.  It was smoky but also somewhat sweet. It was a simple meal – rather mediocre and not rave worthy.  I finished my serving, put the rest away and the next day I heated the remainder through to make a sandwich for my boyfriend and I.  Well, I bit into a piece of what I call grizzle.  You know that hard, “plastic” type cartilage that you can sometimes find in chicken?  Well … let me just say, I have texture issues and the moment I bit into that, I was done. I was no longer hungry, I was repulsed and my sandwich went into the garbage.
I’m starting to believe my quest to find A++ style pulled chicken, that’s not bad points plus wise, is not going to happen unless I just make it myself.
Have you tried the Trader Joe’s pulled chicken?

Homemade Burgers and “Fries” at home!

I’ve been craving this burger for weeks.  My boyfriend makes undoubtedly THE best hamburgers. He seasons the meat with a few ingredients, but he adds onions and green peppers to the mixture.  He does it in a way that everything still stays together, without the use of an egg, and doesn’t fall apart on the grill.  It’s amazing and SO delicious.  One would think it would taste like a meatloaf, but it really doesn’t. It’s just a butt kicking hamburger! In the past, he would have used a 80/20 or 85/15 cut beef, but for me he graciously uses my 93/7 ground beef.
He made his burgers, grilled them and served them up along with some sliced tomato and lettuce.  This really is a perfect summertime food.  I enjoyed mine on a Trader Joe’s Multigrain Slim with some reduced sugar ketchup and spicy mustard.  My whole burger was only 5 points plus and it was incredibly filling.
On the side, since it was too hot to turn the oven on, I threw a potato in the microwave for a few minutes until it was cooked through.  I sliced it up into wedges, topped it with a little French fry seasoning and garnished it with a side of ketchup. It’s a little ode to fries.  I saw this on a fellow blogger and Weight Watcher members Instagram feed and immediately decided I had to try it (since I love potatoes and ketchup).  It’s a match made in heaven … and it’s only 3 points plus (for a 5.5 oz cooked potato).  Potatoes = Power foods which equals fullness!
Who needs McDonald’s when you can have a delicious meal like this at home?  Especially when the whole plate pictured only “cost” me 8 points plus values!
Do you have a favorite summertime food?