Carba-Nada Pasta with Sauce & Turkey Meatballs

Who says dinner cannot be on the table in 20 minutes or less? Certainly not this girl!  That’s even with making TWO different types of pasta (Carba-nada for myself and regular Barilla pasta for the boyfriend).
We didn’t quite have dinner plans in place.  Trying to refrain from ordering take out I scanned the cabinets and decided pasta with turkey meatballs would suffice.  Quick, easy, filling and it would allow me to use up the leftover roasted peppers and onions from dinner the night before.
Putting two separate pans of water on to boil, we retrieved the turkey meatballs from the freezer, spritzed a little non-stick cooking spray into the pan, tossed in the meatballs and into the oven they went.  I had purchased these Lean Turkey Meatballs from Target a while back (Market Pantry brand) while they were on clearance.  I paid under $4 for the bag and I have to say they are pretty good tasting meatballs!  I’m not a big fan of frozen meatballs (I love homemade – nothing beats a homemade meatball) but these are delicious.  I’ve served these up alongside some homemade sauce (because I didn’t want to eat sausage) and my family all tried some (since I cooked extras) and everyone thought they were good.
Once my water was boiled, I added in my last remaining 1 ½ cup serving of Carba-nada Roasted Garlic noodles into the water, tossed ½ a  box of pasta in the other pan and let them cook until done.  When the noodles were done, I added in the roasted peppers and onions into each pot and simply measured out a ½ cup serving of Francesco Rinaldi Tomato, Garlic & Onion pasta sauce into my dish. The noodles are 3 points, the sauce was 2 – making the whole plate of pasta only 5 points plus!  Amazing, right?
Once the turkey meatballs were done, we took them out of the oven.  A serving (6 meatballs) is 4 points plus, but after calculating 1 ½ servings, I found it was only 1 point more … so since I was quite hungry, I decided to have 5 points plus worth of meatballs.  Delicious and only 10 points plus!
What is your “go to” quick and easy meal when dinner plans weren’t quite thought through?

Market Pantry Broccoli & Beef

I had spotted this “new” line of frozen family dinner meals at Target a few weeks ago and was eying the chicken teriyaki (or was it sweet and sour chicken?) but decided to pass up on it for the time being.  Well, when I went back to Target they had marked them all down onto clearance and the chicken ones were gone, but the Broccoli & Beef was leftover (as well as a lasagna, etc..).
Considering I wanted something quick to have for lunch or dinner I picked it up for under $4 and made it for lunch the next day.  19 minutes in the microwave and lunch was done and ready to be served.  I admit it looks a lot prettier on the box – but if it were split into separate cooking compartments that presentation would be possible after cooking.  But since it’s all layered together – you get what you get.
Serving size is 1 cup (the container houses 4 servings).  It has a very good taste, the soy ginger sauce over the beef was quite delicious.  The meal blended together well and the added broccoli gave it a nice flare for a vegetable.  My boyfriend even enjoyed it and thought it was good (which is a rarity because he’s not much of a frozen dinner person).
Points plus wise the 1 cup serving was 6 points plus.
Have you tried any Market Pantry frozen dinners?