Trader Joe’s 5-Layer Fiesta Dip

First of all I want to point out that the presentation of this dish is not as it looks when purchased in store. I accidentally dropped it out of the fridge and it got all shook up and rather … ugly looking.  When you purchase it at the store it’s layered nicely and the cheese is presented at the very center of the bowl.
I picked up this small size (it also comes in a large size for parties) 5-Layer Fiesta Dip from Trader Joe’s on my last haul because I was hoping to have something that would be a nice, different treat for myself.  I’ve had homemade 5 (or 7-) layer dips and they are absolutely delicious.  Dips can be made at home and without a doubt can be made as healthy as possible.  When I flipped over the packaging in store, I was surprised by the nutritional information.  There were only 50 calories in a 2 tablespoon serving, which is the least calories I’ve seen on any store-brand 5-layer dip.  Typically the calories run round 100+ so I immediately had to figure out what the Weight Watchers Points Plus were.
A 2 tablespoon serving was 1 points plus, while a 4 tablespoon serving is only 3 pointsplus.  Not bad at all for something of convenience.
The dip itself is made from layered black bean dip, salsa, sour cream, cheddar cheese and guacamole.  Taste wise it’s not bad – but it’s certainly not the best 5-layer dip I’ve ever had.  I think it was the salsa that kind of made it weird for me … I like a medium or mild salsa and it was kind of on the blander even slightly sweeter side.  I can’t say I would run out and repurchase this again – but if I was in a bind and REALLY wanted 5-layer dip without the hassle of making it myself, perhaps I’d repurchase – but unless that arose, I probably wouldn’t buy this again.
Since my boyfriend isn’t a huge fan of things like this – I ended up serving it to a guest or two, but the rest ended up in the garbage.  Sorry to say.
Have you tried the 5-Layer Fiesta Dip at Trader Joe’s?