Greek Yogurt Ranch Dip

So many people talk about using Greek yogurt as a substitute for mayonnaise, sour cream, and even cream cheese in recipes.  I had a coworker who was mixing Greek yogurt with a number of spices and using that as a mayonnaise on her sandwiches, etc.  I’m not a big lover of mayonnaise, BUT I am a lover of French onion and ranch dips for vegetables and potato chips. I had tried the Oikos Greek yogurt dip and enjoyed it, so I finally decided to give making my own ranch dip a shot using fat free greek yogurt.
I found it was quite good. The only noticeable difference was the dip was a lot thicker – but taste wise differences are unrecognizable.  The greatest part was that I could eat the entire cup of dip knowing well ahead of time that it was only 2 points plus values.
Dips can be a downfall because dips made from full-fat ingredients add up in calories/points plus values rather quickly. Making a dip this way really allows you to have a pretty fair amount without any guilt (well, not including whatever it is you’re dipping into the dip).
Here’s what I used to make my dip:
Serves 1. 2 Points Plus Values. (Note: This can make 2 servings for 1 Points Plus Values each).
          1 individual container, Dannon Nonfat Plain Greek Yogurt
          ¼ of McCormick Ranch Dip packet
Stir the ranch dip packet into the greek yogurt. Mix well then serve with fresh veggies (or chips if you choose).