Good Humor Birthday Cake Ice Cream

Let me start this off by saying that I am quite possibly obsessed with anything that has “birthday cake” or “party cake” in the description of an ice cream.  For a very long time I deprive myself from having birthday cake ice cream because there are not a whole lot of companies that sell the flavor, nor are they pointsplus friendly.  Low and behold shopping at my local grocery store, I spotted this box ofBirthday Cake ice creams by Good Humor.
I grabbed the box and calculated out the points and was quite surprised to find they were ONLY 3 points plus per bar. That meant they had to immediately take up space in my little shopping cart.  Good Humor Strawberry Shortcake ice creams have always been one of my favorites from the very start.  That was my staple ice cream I’d get from the ice cream man – but this birthday cake variety? TOTALLY takes the cake (literally and figuratively).
The outside of the ice cream is coated in crunchy, colory bits (the same texture of the strawberry shortcake outer coating).  There’s a bit of cake mixed into the ice cream – but since it’s frozen solid it’s hard to tell exactly, but the cake and ice cream are formed together – the middle/end of the ice cream having more ice cream than “cake” in it – but nonetheless they are straight up delicious.  My boyfriend had one when I did and ended up eating two.  Needless to say, we had to buy another box already!
Have you tried the Good Humor Birthday Cake ice cream?