Jif Whips Whipped Peanut Butter & Chocolate

I have heard and read about people raving about the new Jif Whips whipped peanut butter spreads, so I picked up the Whipped Peanut Butter & Chocolate. I admit, I’m not the biggest lover of peanut butter (I enjoy it in desserts, in candy, etc) but I’m not a stick a spoon in peanut butter and enjoy it type-a gal.  But my boyfriend and I do enjoy an occasional peanut butter (or cookie butter) and banana sandwich – so I figured chocolate peanut butter, how can you go wrong?
The texture is very light and airy, which is to be expected considered it’s whipped.  It’s not nearly as thick as regular peanut butter in a jar tends to be.  It’s smooth enough that it smoothes over bread like a breeze. Taste wise it’s definitely chocolate with an underlying peanut butter flavor to it. There isn’t quite another way to describe it other than saying it’s … delicious.  It is yummy on its own on bread/toast or with fruit (banana, strawberries and apples).
A serving is 2 tablespoons, which is 4 points plus values.  I do find that a 2 tablespoon serving is a little much for myself, so 1 tbsp is more than enough for me, which calculates out to be 2 points plus.
Have you tried any of the new Jiff Whips?

Bolthouse Farms Honey Mustard Yogurt Dressing

I love salad, but I admit my choice of dressing can get boring.  Unfortunately, when my dressing is boring, my salads feel boring and I start to lose interest.  To spice it up, I’m always on the hunt for a new dressing to add into the mix to keep things interesting and flavorful.
When I spotted the Bolthouse Farms Honey Mustard Yogurt Dressing I was immediately intrigued. I calculated the points plus values, added the bottle to my shopping cart and off I went.  I frequent Chick-Fil-A and they have THE best fat free honey mustard dressing on the planet, so I hoped this would give my palette that same flavor category. It’s not a duplicate, but it’s more than likely the closest I am going to get. It’s just plain delicious – creamy, packed with flavor, and unique enough to even be a replacement for mayonnaise in some recipes (broccoli slaw, maybe even a little in potato salad).
I absolutely love this dressing and I’m looking forward to trying more from this line.  There’s a whole line of dressings by Bolthouse Farms. The line can be found in your grocery stores refrigerator section near the produce.
The greatest part is a 2 tablespoon serving is only 1 points plus values. Definitely worth it in my opinion!
What is your favorite salad dressing?

Trader Joe’s Queso Cheese Dip

This is by far one of the greatest food finds I stumbled upon at Trader Joe’s their Queso Cheese Dip.  Such a great find that I have repurchased it a number of times.  I am a huge nachos fan … this love started in my childhood because my mother (in my honest opinion) makes THE best nachos known to man!
Before I stumbled upon this jewel, I had found and had been purchasing a great nacho cheese alternative at Walmart (incase you don’t have a Trader Joe’s nearby, it’s Walmart’s brand of queso dip it’s got salsa mixed in it and is 1 points plus for 2 or 3 tablespoons), but this particular cheese dip takes the cake for me.  It is a looser consistency, so it’s not going to stick to the container, it can pour right on out.  It does have a little bit of a “fake cheese” taste to it, but honestly, if you’re making nachos or pairing this with other items you can’t even tell. If you’re eating it on its own it does have an underlying soury flavor to it — but I’ve noticed that flavor completely gets canceled if you’re eating it with additional salsa or nacho toppings (fresh vegetables) or even guacamole. The dip itself appears to be a finely ground salsa which gives the cheese a little kick of spice.
I’m a cheese lover and this allows me to have cheese “whiz” on my taco salads and nachos without any guilt or pondering if I should use the points on it.  You could use this to dip sandwiches into, pretzels, drizzle over a broccoli stuffed potato, etc.  The possibilities are endless.
The greatest things about this dip is a 2 tablespoon serving is 0 points plus!  Yes, ZERO points plus!  Whereas you can have 4-6 tablespoons for 1 points plus values!  If you were feeling adventurous you could even eat the entire jar for 5 points plus values.  I’m not saying you should, but I’m just throwing that out there incase you’re wondering.
I cannot rave about this queso dip enough.  Two thumbs up, Trader Joe’s!  Well done!
Have you tried the Queso Cheese dip from Trader Joe’s?  If not, what is your favorite queso dip (if you have one)?

Trader Joe’s Hot & Sweet Cherry Peppers

When I spotted these Hot & Sweet Cherry Peppers at Trader Joe’s I immediately had to put them into my shopping cart.  I love hot peppers – crushed, pepper rings, etc. I figured these would be delicious and they reminded me of a homemade treat my mother made when I was younger.
My mother used to make homemade pickled hot and sweet pepper rings.  She’d mix together hot peppers and green peppers, put them into a pickling juice (which had some sugar in it) and can them. We’d eat them with crackers, on sandwiches, in salads, etc.
I opened the jar and I can certifiably say these definitely “bring me back” to my childhood.  They’re hot and sweet but deliciously decadent at the same time.  The peppers are soft and they give you a hint of sweet but then a mild burn.  Delicious!  I’ve been enjoying them on salads, but they’d also be delicious with crackers, on sandwiches, etc.
There are 8 servings in the jar, 1 ounce being a serving size.  A whole serving is 1 points plus value, whereas anything under a 1 ounce serving is 0 points plus values.  What a great little hidden jewel!
Have you tried the Hot & Sweet Cherry Peppers from Trader Joe’s?

Trader Joe’s Hummus with freshly ground Horseradish

I am and always have been a huge fan of hummus. I also tend to really love horseradish, typically in obscene amounts.  So when I saw this Trader Joe’s Hummus with Freshly Ground Horseradish I knew I had to pick it up without even a second guess.
I’ve been using the hummus on sandwiches as a condiment and I have to say it’s straight up delicious.  Flavor wise it’s definitely hummus, but in the background there is a slight tang of horseradish.  It’s definitely not overwhelming, overpowering or wowing – but it’s there, very mildly.  The hummus undoubtedly brings down the heat index of the horseradish and in turn gives it a very subdued flavor.  I would enjoy it if it were spicier, but all-in-all its fine as it is.
2 tablespoons is a serving size and it calculates out to be 1 points plus values.
What is your favorite hummus flavor?

Trader Joe’s Hot & Sweet Mustard

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I was in Trader Joe’s about a month ago and on this particular day (as any day) Trader Joe’s was offering free samples of their honey baked hams (it was right before Easter) and for a dipping sauce they had their Hot & Sweet Mustard to go along with it.  I requested a sample of both and immediately fell in love with the mustard.  My boyfriend has made me a mustard fan.  I used to use it sparingly, but now I tend to use it on a lot of things – plus being a Weight Watchers member most mustards are 0 Points Plus values, so it makes them my friend because plain food is boring food!
The mustard is on the “looser” side, if that makes sense.  It’s not runny, but it’s not very thick – it’s kind of somewhere in the middle of consistency.  It’s sweeter, but there’s a tinge of spice in the background which really levels out the sweet factor and makes this fabulous mustard.  It’s great on ham sandwiches, it’s great on pastrami sandwiches and it’s delicious alongside a fresh baked ham at Easter time (or any time you want to eat ham!).  I haven’t experimented too much with this mustard, but I’m sure it could be used to make some sort of a glaze for pork chops (since I have used Dijon mustard to make a glaze for pork chops in the past).
For a 1 tsp serving its 0 points plus – while it’s also 0 points plus for 2 tsp’s.  Not bad at all because it gives sandwiches a whole new layer of flavor which is just fabulous and I am a fan for life.  Please, Trader Joe’s – never discontinue this mustard!
Have you tried the Hot & Sweet Mustard from Trader Joe’s?