Trader Joe’s Reduced Guilt – Pizza Primavera

I purchased this pizza up during one of my trips to Trader Joe’s after seeing a fellow Weight Watchers member mention she had purchased it.  Since I am a HUGE pizza lover, I decided it was best to give this a shot because if I could have a whole mini personal pizza without the guilt – why not, right?  The single serving pizza is sold in the freezer section and on the box looks as though it would be appetizing.  The box states it contains yellow squash, zucchini, eggplant and bell peppers.  Reading the back of the box the pizza could be cooked in either the microwave (there’s one of those microwave friendly ‘baking’ trays in the box) or in the convection oven.  I had very high hopes for this product because 1) it is only 7 Points Plus and 2) I pizza something fierce.
Unfortunately, I went into this with very high hopes and was essentially completely crushed.  Normally, I am a huge Trader Joe’s lover but this pizza was a complete let down from the get.
I cooked it in the toaster oven, per box directions, even going over the cook time because nobody likes biting into a pizza and having the very center of the pizza be cold or even still frozen.  After giving it a few minutes, I pulled it out, putting it on a cutting board and cut it up.  First bites, the veggies at the very middle were still stone cold (not frozen, just stone cold).  Then by simply moving the pizza on the cutting board you could see a large presence of water on it.  Meaning the vegetables are insanely watery and just make the whole reduced guilt pizza experience a miserable one.  I couldn’t force myself to eat anymore; I ended up tossing this straight into the garbage.  Sad face because this is the 3rd fail product from Trader Joe’s (the other 2 were a flavored seaweed snack and a ginger candy).
Oh well, you win some, you lose some …. and this was my loss!
What is your favorite frozen dish from Trader Joe’s?