Eating out … and getting exactly what you WANT!

I went out to eat at a local restaurant which is known for their seafood. I’m not a big seafood fan BUT I do enjoy fried seafood (primarily fish and clams) every once in a while. I knew the restaurant sold a staple grilled chicken dinner (which I have had in the past) but … I really wanted fried haddock.
Decisions, decisions. I had enough points in the day to have the fish and not feel guilty about it. Plus, since it’s what I really wanted, I knew if I didn’t have it, I wasn’t going to be satisfied with the chicken dish – so I decided to just order the fish. Although, I knew if I ordered the haddock basket I would eat every single French fry and the container of cole slaw … because I know me, I just would.
I noticed under the salads section on the menu there was an option to add ether chicken, steak, shrimp or baked fish to the salad for an additional cost.  I asked if I could substitute the baked fish for fried haddock and was told “of course, no problem!” So that’s exactly what I did.  I ordered a large garden salad – without croutons, with raspberry vinaigrette on the side (the waitress advised that this was the lowest calorie option they had available, so I went with it – using the “dip” method – dipping the end of my fork into the dressing before eating the salad).  And I ordered my fried haddock along with it.
My meal came out; I had my fish (and my tartars sauce!) and was completely satisfied and happy.  I took half my fish and salad home and ate it later on in the evening.
I estimated the haddock filet to be 13 points plus values, the tartar sauce to be 4 points plus values and the teeny tiny amount of dressing I may have used to be 2 points plus values.
Was it worth it? Every point, bite, lick and taste!  Why? Because I wanted it, I tracked it and it satisfied me.  And guess what?  I stepped on the scale the next day and was down 3 pounds!
Are you comfortable going out to eat and having what you want but in a way you’re comfortable having it?