Blue Bunny – Birthday Party Ice Cream Sandwiches

I spotted and picked up a box of Blue Bunny Birthday Party Ice Cream Sandwiches while at the grocery store last weekend.  This came about after searching grocery freezer shelves looking for birthday cake/cake batter ice cream that was points friendly.  Cake Batter ice cream is one of my favorites and has been since a local ice cream stand hooked me on their flavor (because it’s seriously AH-MAZING).  I had been looking for the Skinny Cow Cupcake Batter ice cream cups but to no avail could not find them.  That is until I spotted these bad boys and they immediately went into my grocery cart.
Blue Bunny makes some of the best tasting ice cream (Blue Bunny is typically available at Walmart and Stop & Shop locations).  What drew me in were the caloric stats – 140 calories (3 Weight Watchers Points Plus) for a birthday party ice cream sandwich? Score!
These sandwiches are utterly delicious!  You get the best of both worlds – delicious ice cream and a light, carby “brownie” sandwich.  The one sandwich is enough to satisfy my sweet tooth – and my boyfriend enjoyed it as well.  So double thumbs up!