The best part about summer…

These days, the best part about summer, outside of the changing weather and the ability to wear shorts and sandals for months on end, is being able to purchase a new bathing suit in a smaller size!

For the past 3 years I have purchased new bathing suits every summer.  Quite a change from the girl who went to the beach and around pools in oversized shorts and long t-shirts.  Before my weight loss journey I never wanted to be bothered with the “hassle” of finding a bathing suit.  The experience was depressing and aggravating — but for the past 3 years I’ve welcomed it with open arms.  The last 2 years I’ve purchased one piece “dress” style bathing suits — you know the type that’s a bathing suit that has a slinky “dress” covering over it that covers you up to your thighs.

This year I purchased my first ever tankini!  Talk about a happy dance non-scale victory!  The fact that I feel comfortable enough in my skin to wear a tankini is amazing.  And the greatest part was, I saw this exact bathing suit online and when I went into the store I found the two pieces, separated from one another, in my size and they were the only ones available!  Talk about meant to be!

I got a great deal on the suit — each piece being 50% off the original price.  Double score!  The coloring is adorable and is very flattering against my skin tone.  It shows off my shape and I just simply love it.

Whodathunk this girl would be in love with a bathing suit?  If you asked me that question 3-years ago I’d have looked at you like you sprouted a new head.  It’s amazing what time and a healthy attitude can do for a person!

Non-Scale Victory: Shannon Feels like a Rockstar!

I wanted to share a little non-scale victory.  My brother had a set wedding date for June 1stso I had been looking for dresses online – having order after order shipped to my house and nothing was really a “yes” dress.  Sometimes I’m so used to the old style of dresses (where it covered me up).  At the beginning of my journey I wanted to be covered, boxy dresses and my staple oversized t-shirts that came down to mid-thigh, etc. I then started gravitating towards wrap dresses because they looked better.  Well, fast forward 2 years I found 2 maxi dresses that fit me like a glove and truly made me feel like a rockstar.  Needless to say, I purchased both.  The dress I wore the wedding is similar to this one pictured but its black and white stripped.  3 years ago I would have NEVER purchased either of these dressed – I’d have fawned over them but went home empty handed.  Today I have the ability to grab something off a rack and go to try it on.
I’ve lost 190.6 pounds which is actually MORE than what I currently weigh!  Someone I know saw the photograph and said it looks like I jumped out of myself in the “now” photo.  I may not be at my goal weight, but I’m trudging towards that. It’s taken me 3-years to get where I am today and I will reach that finish line and maybe when I do I’ll find myself an even MORE amazing leopard dress!

Total NSV: Lose for Good

In 2010 I won my local Weight Watchers meetings Lose for Good challenge. It was a friendly competition to donate food for charity and to shed some pounds by incorporating activity into our lifestyles.  In the end, I won a t-shirt at the time.  Upon bringing it home realized it was a size Medium. Let me stress that, when I won this shirt a size medium was no where near my size – it was a distant hope.  I was still surfing the racks in the plus size section and trading clothes with family members.
I folded the t-shirt up and stuffed it in my drawer because I wasn’t going to throw it away.  I EARNED that shirt whether it fit me or not.
It’s been tucked away for 2 years! I found it this morning while looking for something to wear in my drawer. I saw a nearly folded white shirt and thought “What is this?”  I pulled it out and saw it was my Weight Watchers shirt. For a moment, I put it back in the drawer.  Then I thought … for kicks let me put this on.
Guess what?
Thanks, Weight Watchers! This girl is happier than a cucumber and I am STILL losing!