Dannon Light & Fit Greek Blends – Key Lime

On my quest to try out the new Dannon Light & Fit Greek Blends yogurt I found the Key Lime flavor after thinking there were only 3 flavors in the line.  As I’ve mentioned numerous times in my blog, I really enjoy Greek yogurt. Because of this, I love finding different Greek yogurts that are points plus friendly and equally delicious.  I was intrigued because I have tried other key lime yogurts and have quite enjoyed them. Key lime is one of those tangy flavors that’s just different and unique.
If you’re not a fan of lime, then this yogurt will probably not be a homerun for you.  It’s not tangy, it’s a sweeter lime flavor, and in my opinion it’s definitely delicious.  It reminds of the Dannon Oikos key lime yogurts which I have grown to love.  Granted, they’re made by the same company so they may very well be the same thing in different packaging.
As with the other yogurts in this particular line, these are 2 points plus values.
Have you tried any of the Dannon Light & Fit Greek Blends?