Filling Simple Breakfast

I’ve learned to really love and enjoy breakfast.  Prior to joining Weight Watchers, breakfast was a distant memory. I never ate breakfast and if I did fall into a breakfast habit it was always a McDonald’s or Dunkin Donuts specialty.  These days McDonald’s and Dunkin Donuts breakfasts are a distant memory and filling and point friendly breakfasts are on the menu.
This particular meal was a product of a few leftovers. Jimmy Dean breakfast sausages from “brinner” (breakfast for dinner) the night before and a serving of Trader Joe’s Roasted Potatoes with Peppers and Onions.  To tie it all together, I scrambled up ½ cup of egg substitute, seasoned with pepper, salt and spices.
The greatest part about this meal is the fact that aside from it being filling, it was only 4 points plus values!  One of the Jimmy Dean breakfast sausage patties is 1 points plus, a serving (3/4 cup) of Trader Joe’s Roasted Potatoes with Peppers and Onions is 2 points plus values and the ½ cup of egg substitute is 1 points plus values.
What is one of your favorite breakfasts?