Trader Joe’s Curry Simmer Sauce

While shopping at Trader Joe’s I noticed the Trader Joe’s Curry Simmer Sauce so I picked up a jar to give it a try.  I enjoy all kinds of curry but typically when having Indian food I order curry or tikka masala.  I decided I’d whip it up for dinner and use some vegetables to possibly cut the heat – which I am grateful I did because the sauce is on the spicier side.
According to the jars directions it states to use the jar of sauce, plus 1 cup of water with 1 pound of boneless chicken, fish or vegetables, etc. and let the mixture simmer on the stove top until cooked through.  I opted to do it a little differently. I added a teaspoon of olive oil to a pan, added in my chicken tenderloin and cooked it on both sides to let it get some color.  I then added in one medium onion sliced and let it cook down together with the chicken for a few minutes before adding in the sauce and water. Mixing it all together, I then added in about ¾ pound of garden fresh green beans.  I let everything simmer together for about 15 minutes or so before turning off the flame.
If I didn’t add the vegetables it would have been more authentic to the way Indian food is served in a restaurant – meat with a lot of sauce. But I felt my dish needed the vegetable, particularly because it’s how I enjoy my food – with a bit of veggie mixed into the dish. The onion and green beans helped bring down the spice a tad, even though all together it was still a spicier dish.  It was definitely enjoyable and something that was quick and easy to pull together – with the combinations being endless.
I did end up stretching the sauce into four meals, simply dividing out the meat equally and serving with helpings of vegetables and sauce.  I also served up plates with ½ cup of brown rice and ½ garlic naan.
There are 3 ½ servings in the jar, with 1/3 cup sauce being a serving.  Each serving has 70 calories, 3 grams of fat, 11 grams of carbs and 2 grams of protein.  A serving of sauce is 2 points plus. 
Have you tried the Trader Joe’s curry simmer sauce?

Trader Joe’s Chicken Bread Medallions with Coconut Red Curry Sauce

One afternoon when I stumbled into Trader Joe’s to do a quick mini food haul for the week I happened to spot this curry dish in the refrigerated food section.  I love curry (but I don’t like immensely hot curry).  Growing up my FAVORITE dish was Jamaican curry chicken. When I read that it was mixed with coconut I had to have it. I love coconut in foods (particularly coconut and red bean rice) so I figured if it was even spicy, the coconut would cut back on the heat.
It just happened to be this was the “dish of the day” they were serving up samples of.  I asked for a sample of it and immediately was in a food induced heaven.  It was delicious!  So delicious, I bought two packages.
Upon getting home, my boyfriend looked at the dish and wouldn’t eat it (he’s visual with his foods and the creamy sauce was a no-go).  Even though he didn’t want it, I was able to stash one in the freezer and heated the other up for dinner and lunch.
I do want to point out the nutrition label states the container houses FOUR 1 cup servings.  After heating it as directed, I found there was 1 ½ perhaps (if I really scrapped the bowl) 1 2/3 cups of chicken and curry sauce within the container.  No where near that 4 cups listed on the label.  I realize with frozen dishes the amount listed generally is listed as a “rough” estimate.  Because of this, I said the serving I ate was the equivalent of 2 cups – just doubling the amount and giving it extra points.  I’m not sure if perhaps the nutrition information was misprinted, or if perhaps the containers were made smaller than they should have been – but there are definitely not 4 servings present.  I’ve purchased this a few times (because I really do love the flavor!) and each time I double the nutrition information because I eat a cups worth.
I’ve eaten this paired along brown rice and a vegetable – I’ve also eaten it served over a bed of vegetables (green beans and carrots).  I’ve also eaten my serving of curry chicken along with a salad.  All ways are delicious but the rice with a veggie side is undoubtedly the best because it makes it feel “homier”.
1 cup serving according to the label is 4 Points Plus – but I calculate a 1 cup serving to be 7 points plus.
Confusing label aside – I give this 2 thumbs up!
Have you tried the Chicken Bread Medallions with Coconut Red Curry Sauce?