Trader Joe’s Inner Peas

I spotted these Trader Joe’s Inner Peas while shopping at Trader Joe’s soon after these were re-released in stores.  I have tried baked pea snacks in the past by other brands and found them to be a unique twist on a snack.  Trader Joe’s describes Inner Peas as “a delicately crunchy, baked green pea snack.”
I’d say if you do not like peas, you will certainly not like these.  Granted, they don’t taste like peas out of a can, but they do taste like a baked chip that has a very mild pea flavor.  They’re a little on the “plain” side of things, but they certainly are different.  They will give you the crunch you may be looking for without all the grease and fat that come with eating potato chips.  I can only describe these as a unique and different type of snack.  Typically I like flavored potato chips, so oddly enough, I think I’d enjoy these more if they had a garlic flavor Inner Peas. That being said I’d never add garlic to my peas … well, unless they were in the pod and added to stir fry…
You do get a lot of these in 1 oz serving – roughly 22 peas.  They’re not bad nutrition stats wise either – a serving calculates out to 3 points plus values.
Have you tried Inner Peas or any of the other dried pea snacks?