Smart Ones Chicken Fajitas

I picked up the Smart Ones Chicken Fajitas when I spotted them at the grocery store in the freezer section.  I was intrigued because, even though I don’t eat a lot of Smart One meals, I do have a few favorites and I enjoy trying some of the new items the brand comes out with.  I love fajitas, so at purchase I felt this was a score all around.
The box describes the meal as grilled white chicken with seasoned peppers & onions with a side of rice and beans along with 2 tortillas.  The whole meal is only 7 points plus, which I also felt was quite a steal (particularly for a frozen dish).
I heated this up for a late lunch because I was absolutely starving.  But I felt as though this was simply … just food.  The meal was very bland and rather boring.  There was nearly not enough seasoning in any of it. The rice was bland, the chicken fajita was bland. If I was to ever eat this again, I would need to load it with some hot sauce or salsa – just something to give it flavor.  But with that … I probably will not repurchase this.  I do have the pork variety in the freezer to try out at some point.  But I’ll stick with my homemade fajitas that are less points and far more satisfying (filling and flavor wise).
Have you tried any of the new Smart One dishes out there?