Dunkin Donuts Jelly Donut Coffee

I love shopping at Target and I always get a little excited when I find a new item that is only available in a Target store.  I buy a lot of my coffees at Target – whether ground bags or k-cups, so I frequent the aisle often.  Needless to say, when I spotted new Bakery Series line by Dunkin Donuts I was immediately intrigued – so intrigued I had to pick up the Jelly Donut.
There are a few flavored ground coffees by Dunkin Donuts that I do enjoy (Pumpkin and Strawberry Shortcake is by far one of my favorites).  I spotted a few different flavors available – chocolate donut, plain cake donut, caramel cinnamon cake and jelly donut.  I had to scoop up the jelly donut after having seen it on two different Target stops.  I admit, the chocolate donut would have swayed me but I enjoy the Entenmanns’s Chocolate Donut as well as the Donut Shop Chocolate Donut k-cups.
The morning after purchase, I brewed a pot of coffee for my boyfriend and I.  It smelled very fragrant while it brewed but I found the coffee was rather mild in flavor. The jelly donut flavor wasn’t a pow-like flavor but it did offer a mild … I want to say raspberry flavor.  Not entirely reminiscent of a jelly donut – but undoubtedly a different flavor in comparison to the coffee lineup in my cabinet.  The coffee itself seemed to be a medium roast. I prefer light roasts so I’d need to be lighter handed when measuring this out for brewing.
Have you tried any of the new Dunkin Donuts Bakery Series coffees?