Bahn Mi

I have a local Vietnamese grocery store that gets in fresh cooked foods every Saturday morning. I had to pop into the store to pick up some vegetables and seasonings to help make eggrolls. Since there I decided to pick up one of my favorite sandwiches – a Bahn Mi.
Incase you don’t know what a bahn mi is, it’s a Vietnamese sandwich which is made on a Vietnamese style French baguette – the bread itself is softer and chewier and not as “bready” and is comparable to a hoagie roll.  Every place tends to make them slightly different, but they all tend to follow the same line of ingredients.  This particular sandwich has seasoned seared beef as the protein and it’s loaded with fresh and pickled vegetables – cucumber, parsley (or cilantro, but this particular sandwich has parsley on it), and pickled daikon radish and carrots.  It’s brought together by a bit of mayonnaise and spicy chili sauce (or in some instances jalapenos).  The sandwich itself is delicious and so different from anything sandwich I’ve ever had. The ingredients are relatively simple but when together it makes a fabulous and delicious meal.
Since I did not make this, I had to guestimate at the points plus values. I looked up what bahn mi’s were points wise on the E-tools app and tried to guestimate as close as possible to the true value – 12 points plus. I did take the meat out of my sandwich and weigh it (it was 2 ounces), so that gave me a good estimate, plus an estimate for the bread and then the mayonnaise.  I do enjoy these and I do have them from time to time as a nice different meal.
Have you ever had a bahn mi?

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