Crystal Light Liquid – Strawberry Lemonade

This is the third bottle of Crystal Light liquid that I have purchased since these have been put out onto the market.  The first two I was quite a fan of and after hearing so many rave reviews over the Strawberry Lemonade, when I spotted it at the grocery store I immediately knew this had to be thrown into my cart.  With spring upon us and summer looming around the corner, strawberry lemonade is always one of those classic, refreshing beverages for me.
The flavor of this is your typical strawberry lemonade – it’s sweet, it’s tart, it’s just perfect.  The only thing to make this drink better would be to make sure you serve it COLD and over a big glass of ice.  Other than that, I have no complaints.  If the water is room temperature and/or not cold you tend to get more of the “bitterness” of the lemon taste than you do the sweetness of the strawberry.
The one great thing with these liquid squeeze bottles is you really get to control how you want your water to be flavored.  Whether it be mildly flavored (as in there’s a hint in the background – which is a way I despise) or I you want it bold and in your face – the possibilities are endless.  The price tag is a bit high ($3.50 typically) for the squeeze bottle but weighing your pros vs. your cons the pros typically outweigh the price (unless you just plain don’t like flavored water then this wouldn’t be for you).
Have you tried any of the Crystal Light liquids?

Crystal Light Liquid – Mango Passionfruit Drink Mix

Considering I drink so much water, I have become a huge lover of Crystal Light.  Water is fabulous for you but it can be rather plain – plus by throwing a packet of Crystal Light in my water I feel as though I am having a treat.  Pre-Weight Watchers I enjoyed my juice and punches once in a while, so this is a nice “ode to juice” if you will.
When I saw that Crystal Light had come out with a liquid version of their sweetener I originally passed up on it.  I haven’t been the biggest fan of some of the liquid water flavorings that have come out.  But since I have such great faith in Crystal Light I decided to pick up the Mango Passionfruit flavor.
I do find you need to add more than the recommended squirts to obtain a decent flavoring – especially if you’re drinking 30 ounces of water at a time like I am.  I can’t handle that moderately flavored water – it makes me want to gag.  But I find by throwing a few extra squirts in, it really boosts the flavor and makes it delicious.  The mango passionfruit flavor is totally delicious.  Once I finish the bottle I do plan on picking up another to have for when I want it.
Have you tried the new Crystal Light liquid drink mixes?