Weight Watchers Smart Ones Fire Roasted Vegetable Soup

I’m typically not a person who reaches for soup on a cold day, but lately my taste buds have been gravitating towards soups/stews.  So while the weather has been less than stellar in my area, I decided to try out one of the frozen Smart Ones soups I had tucked away in my freezer.
I have tried vegetable soups in the past, and for the most part they’re not usually my “forte” because of the tomato base. So that thought in the back of my mind was the main reason I held off on giving this soup a try sooner. I heated the soup in the microwave per the directions and enjoyed this along with my dinner.
I have to say … the soup is pretty darn good! Although with the name “fire roasted vegetables” I assumed that simply meant vegetables that have been charred over an open flame. Well … that’s the case in one aspect, but “fire” in this instance also means this soup is spicy! I certainly wasn’t expecting the heat but it ultimately made the soup that much more delicious. It certainly wasn’t that plain ole tomato base that I’m not a big fan of.
Each bowl is 60 calories or 1 points plus value.

Smart Ones Loaded Potato Soup

I picked up a box of Smart Ones Loaded Potato Soup while at Target. I had tried the Southwestern soup and was quite a fan, so I decided to try the other available flavors.  I’m not a big soup fan in general, and I’m usually not a fan of canned soups … I just feel those soups are tinny and taste “fake”, if that at all makes sense.  But with a frozen soup it tastes better, and perhaps just in my mind, it helps make it a little homier.
The Loaded Potato soup is described as “creamy potato soup loaded with sour cream, turkey bacon, and chives, topped with reduced fat cheddar cheese.  After heating the soup in the microwave, I gave it a swirl, let it cool for a few minutes and enjoyed. I have to say, this soup is very pleasant. The potatoes are a little “crunchy”, but they’re not raw and they’re certainly not mushy so it’s a proper consistency. It’s creamy, there are bits of cheese throughout it, and the turkey bacon is a main ingredient.  All the flavors blend together nicely and it really is a home run.  I wouldn’t say this is filling enough to be a sole contender in a meal, but with a side salad or even a small sandwich it’s a win-win.
A bowl of soup is 150 calories or 4 points plus values.
Have you tried any of the Smart Ones frozen soups?

Smart Ones Southwest Style Vegetable Soup

I spotted a line of brand new Weight Watchers Smart Ones soups while at Target. Out of the four options available, I decided to try out the Smart Ones Southwest Style Vegetable Soup for lunch. I am not much of a soup person (particularly canned soups), but occasionally I find myself wanting a bowl so I either have to make a soup or stew or pick up a quick and easy soup that I know I enjoy.
I like the idea of frozen soup because it seems more “homemade” to me. Canned soups taste almost tinny to me, so I tend to avoid those, but I have found a few frozen soups that I have enjoyed and turn into my “go to”.  This particular soup was delicious and will undoubtedly be a repurchase for me.
According to the box the soup is “a combination of fire-roasted corn & tomatoes blended with red beans, corn flour, and cilantro all topped with Monterey Jack cheese.” Most notable the soup is advertised as vegetarian and a good source of fiber – thanks to the beans and vegetables.  The soup itself was delicious. It was mildly spicy, the cheese made it creamy and it was just overall packed with flavor.  I wouldn’t say this is a complete meal in a bowl, but it is something that could be enjoyed along with a salad or sandwich in a guilt free way.
A bowl is 120 calories or 3 points plus values.  Quite worth it if you’re in the mood for something warm to go alongside with your lunch or dinner.
Have you tried any of the new Smart Ones soups?

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Smart Ones Chicken Fajitas

I picked up the Smart Ones Chicken Fajitas when I spotted them at the grocery store in the freezer section.  I was intrigued because, even though I don’t eat a lot of Smart One meals, I do have a few favorites and I enjoy trying some of the new items the brand comes out with.  I love fajitas, so at purchase I felt this was a score all around.
The box describes the meal as grilled white chicken with seasoned peppers & onions with a side of rice and beans along with 2 tortillas.  The whole meal is only 7 points plus, which I also felt was quite a steal (particularly for a frozen dish).
I heated this up for a late lunch because I was absolutely starving.  But I felt as though this was simply … just food.  The meal was very bland and rather boring.  There was nearly not enough seasoning in any of it. The rice was bland, the chicken fajita was bland. If I was to ever eat this again, I would need to load it with some hot sauce or salsa – just something to give it flavor.  But with that … I probably will not repurchase this.  I do have the pork variety in the freezer to try out at some point.  But I’ll stick with my homemade fajitas that are less points and far more satisfying (filling and flavor wise).
Have you tried any of the new Smart One dishes out there?