Trader Joe’s Mini Blueberry Cheesecake Ice Cream Wedges

When I spotted these Mini Blueberry Cheesecake Ice Cream Wedges at Trader Joe’s I was immediately intrigued.  Cheesecake in an ice cream form … what? I love cheesecake; I also love ice cream, so by mixing the two together I immediately needed to try these.  Checking the nutritional information I was quite surprised to find they were only 3 points plus each.  I figured they were going to be more points plus value hefty.
The ice creams have the shape and graham cracker “crust” of a cheesecake, although it has more ice cream characteristics than cheesecake.  If you go into eating this wedge expecting it to taste like a hunk of cheesecake on a stick – you are sadly going to be mistaken.  It’s a creamy, hearty ice cream which has a blueberry flavoring “topping” swirled throughout it.  The outside of the wedges are coated in a finely milled graham cracker-like “crust”.
The ice cream wedges are smaller, but they do satisfy that sweet tooth for me.  Everyone that has been over, hat has had one, has enjoyed them because they are yummy but they’re also different from the norm.  Then again, this is the first cheesecake ice cream I have seen sold.
What is your favorite ice cream?