Don’t play with your food … well, unless it smiles at you!

First of all, how cute is this?! It was almost so cute that I didn’t want to eat it. But … I admit that I did.
I really wanted peanut butter, but since I didn’t want a peanut butter sandwich, I decided to make a peanut butter banana and peanut butter apple sandwich.  Admittedly this is not something I normally make but it’s nice to step outside the box.  Plus it was so delicious, I’ve decided this is going to be a dish I make more often.
I started by slicing up a fuji apple into thick slices and removed the core.  I then peeled my banana and sliced it down the middle.  I measured out 2 tablespoons of PB Crave CoCo Bananas peanut butter and smeared it onto the banana and stuck the top on, then smeared it over the apples and made a sandwich out of them.  It resembled an adorable happy food face.
The greatest part was it was filling, I got 2 fruits in for the day, and I got a serving of healthy fat all for 5 points plus values. Yummo!
Do you like PB Apple or PB Banana sandwiches?

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