Weight Watchers Sweet Hazelnut Latte smoothie

A couple weeks ago Weight Watchers launched a new smoothie product to sell within Weight Watchers locations. When I spotted the Weight Watchers Sweet Hazelnut Latte, I wanted to give it a try especially after my leader mentioned mixing it with her coffee in the morning.
I quite enjoy the Weight Watchers smoothies. I’ve bought a number of flavors over the years and have found some that I really love.  They’re a great, quick source of protein – 7grams per pack. What I like about them the most is they’re portable. I can either make a blended drink at home or I can stuff a pouch in my purse, pour the contents into a bottle of water, shake and I’m ready to go.  I’ve had smoothies both ways, but I ideally enjoy them the most when they’re blended with a bit of ice and if the flavor is suitable – some fruit.
The Sweet Hazelnut Latte is smooth, creamy, and sweet with a satisfying taste of hazelnut. Quite enjoyable, especially if you enjoy hazelnut flavored drinks (coffees) or even desserts. I mixed my packet with water and some coffee, added in 5 ice cubes and blended it up.  It was perfect and since smoothies are not something I guzzle down, it took a little while to drink which fully satisfied me.
I feel this would be a very versatile addition to a coffee lover’s life. You could add some to your coffee in the morning instead of using milk or creamer.  Since it does change the color of the drink to a light muddy brown color, it’s passable. I don’t put much milk or creamer in my coffee – just enough to slightly change the shade and this will do the trick. I plan on experimenting with it to see how I enjoy it and how much I can stretch it (by adding coffee to it, etc.).  Overall this is definitely a 2 thumbs up purchase for me!
Have you tried the new Sweet Hazelnut Latte smoothie?