Trader Joe’s Spicy Thai Style Pasta Salad with Chicken Breast

I had been eyeing thisSpicy Thai Style Pasta Salad with Chicken Breast at Trader Joe’s the last few times I’ve been to the store. I finally picked it up and decided to give it a try.
The meal is ideally made to be eaten cold, but I did pop my serving (which is half the container) into the microwave for 30 seconds just to take the chill off it – primarily off the chicken. I will say half a serving is not a lot of food, so I did have some steamed broccoli and carrots on the side to help “bulk” up the dish.  Flavor wise it’s very good, but as the package states it’s definitely spicy.  It’s not burn a hole in your mouth spicy, but it will make your lips and tongue tingle for a while as and after you finish eating it. There’s more pasta, scallions (green onions) and carrots in the dish with a very minimal sprinkling of chicken.  If this were to be someone’s lunch or dinner I’d suggest some additional protein or a vegetable on the side to help satisfy.
A serving is 290 calories and is 8 points plus values.  Not the greatest of stats for what you get, but for a different sort of meal once in a while – I say, why not?
What is your favorite take and make meal from Trader Joe’s?