Weight Watchers Good Deal Cookbook Haul

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again … I’m a sucker for new Weight Watchers cookbooks. So of course when I walked into my meeting, I noticed there was a new cookbook on the shelf. Initially I didn’t purchase it, but after my meeting was over I picked up the cookbook, started to browse through it and because I was sold on trying out a few recipes I decided to purchase it.
The Weight Watchers Good Deal Cookbook is selling for $9.95 each which is quite a deal. Each recipe has the points plus values associated with it, along with the recommended serving size for those members who are still counting points and not following simple start.  The whole premise behind this cookbook is to provide tasty meals at a fraction of the cost. Frankly, it sounded good because cooking healthy can and does get costly. Plus, it’s always nice to get new meal ideas.

Weight Watchers Under 20 Cookbook Haul

With the new Simple Start Weight Watchers plan rolling out, that means new products … and new cookbooks!  I’m a sucker for Weight Watcher cookbooks. So when I saw the new Under 20 at my meeting, I wanted to give it a go.
The cookbook is geared more towards Simple Start, which for those who’ve been members prior to this new roll out – it’s ultimately Simply Filling recipes. I’ve wanted to try simply filling in the past, but for one reason or another – the idea of making simply filling meals that my family and I could enjoy collectively was always mind boggling. I’m not sure why, but something about looking at a list of foods (power foods) and trying to come up with a meal was daunting. Not sure why, but it was.
So, I picked up the cookbook to jump start me into getting my thinking cap on tight. Seeing these meals ultimately made things “simpler” in my mind. Plus having a meal on the table in under 20 minutes is sometimes the way I like to roll!
The book has 200 dishes in it, which range from meats (beef/pork/etc.), to poultry and fish, to vegetarian dishes and even small plates (tapas). Ideally there is something for everyone in the book and I’m looking forward to giving a few of the recipes that caught my eye a go. Once I do try those out, I’ll gratefully share my thoughts/review on it.
Have you purchased the new Under 20 cookbook in your Weight Watchers meeting?

Weight Watchers Your Success Kit Haul

Every time Weight Watchers comes out with a new plan (this year it’s “Simple Start”) the new products roll out as well. I purchased the kit last year primarily for a few of the items within the kit … and this year the same thing went for the Your Success Kit!  Although there were a large number of items I was looking forward to giving a try.
The first thing that drew me in was the bag – which doubles as a lunch bag.  They come available in 3 shades – a zebra print with a brown flap, a gorgeous psychedelic pink with swirls running throughout it, and a classic blue plaid. I went back and fourth, for what seemed like an eternity, and decided on the plaid. I truly wanted the pink but decided to play it on the “safer” side of the fence.
The second thing that drew me in was the cookbook.  I am a sucker for Weight Watchers cookbooks … but the fact this cookbook was geared more towards simple start/simply filling I was intrigued. Simply filling (or as it’s being coined now: simple start) has always been an option with Weight Watchers. Many members follow that portion of the program and have found success with it. I’ve never dabbled in it for a few different reasons – one of those reasons being figuring out a menu which would be enjoyable for all in my family. With a cookbook, I could gather ideas and make it simpler than going to the drawing board with a blank mind.
The third item that drew me in was the Find Your Fingerprint book. This book is very much like the success book which was available in the prior kit. It’s a book that has available spaces to write in answers to the questions being posed regarding your individual successes/speed bumps/etc. It’s like a Mad Lib but a serious one which is coined towards your individual success regarding your weight loss. The prior success book pulled me out of a slump I was going through the prior year so it’ll be a fun learning tool to use this time around.
The fourth item which really captured my attention was the steaming bowl. I’m a sucker for kitchen gadgets (the collapsible measuring cups totally sold me last time around!) so this was pretty exciting. Being able to bring fresh veggies with me on the go, adding a bit of water to the bowl and having them freshly steamed for me? Score!
The final item that truly sealed the deal for me was the pack of workout “playing cards”.  This is an ingenious little tool to include in the kit. It’s your “classic” playing card which lists the area the workout will target, while when you turn the card over, it demonstrates and explains a workout to target that area of the body.  The workouts can be done anywhere – at home, at the gym, on the go, etc. It really pulls away the excuse to workout, even for 10 minutes, from the comfort of your own home.
Of course there are the staple Points Plus value stickers and Power Food stickers, the $45 worth of coupons (that can be used in your grocery store or WW meeting location – a coupon being for a free calculator and calculator sticker cover [which if you already have you can get a free box of bars … but I feel a free cookbook or something would’ve been a better incentive]), and the 12-week Plan & Track book.  The Plan & Track books are being sold separately at meeting locations for those folks who paper track. I happen to be an online or mobile device tracker, so this is something I’ll keep around and perhaps one day dust off and give paper tracking a go.
So far, I’m happy with my purchase.
Have you or are you planning on purchasing the your success kit?

Haul: She Believed She Could So She Did Necklace

One quote I have truly fallen in love with while partaking in my lifestyle change journey is “She believed she could, so she did.”It truly solidifies everything in such a poetic, simple and beautiful statement. I always tell folks, regardless of what they’re trying to accomplish in life, that if you believe in yourself anything is possible.
I’ve wanted some sort of jewelry piece with this statement on it but had not truly found one that I liked. I’ve seen silver bangle type bracelets, but since I’m not a silver jewelry wearer it wasn’t something I was interested in.  I posted the quote on Instagram saying I wanted a jewelry piece and a few ladies told me to heck out Etsy. I truthfully had never purchased from Etsy before so after doing some scouring of the website I stumbled upon a beautiful necklace.  It’s not in the gold that I had hoped for, but it’s in antique bronze which fine with me.
If you’re interested in getting yourself a necklace, they come in antique bronze and silver. The seller I purchased from is Rosie’s Pendants on Etsy.  I placed my order and received my necklace less than a week later (ships from California).

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Haul: New Balance Sneakers

Since I attend zumba classes, I have always been on the lookout for a pair of sneakers that would be suitable for the class – but would also be suitable for my feet. Nearly 1 ½ years ago I was taking trips to dance shoe/accessories stores looking for dance shoes many folks who take zumba wear.  Low and behold those shoes are NOT made for me. I need a nice sole to my shoe or I’m going to injure myself or aggravate my bone spurs to the point walking is difficult.  After coming up empty handed time after time I essentially gave up my search and continued taking classes wearing my regular Nike sneakers (which I adore).
Unfortunately my Nike’s were not made for a gym class floor. The treads on my sneakers would grip the floor – which frankly they’re designed to do, but when I’m swiveling around and trying to do dance foot movements, it becomes increasingly difficult. I’ve twisted my knee a few times thanks to my sneakers gripping the floor and my knee going in the opposite direction.  So finally, after being afraid of breaking/tearing something I decided to get back on the zumba shoe train.
After extensive research for a few weeks I narrowed my shoe search down to a few specific pairs – Nike and New Balance. But after going to the Nike outlet I opted to look for the Nike Musique – which I was told was available on their website. Sadly, I could not find them anywhere … so I went onward with New Balance.  In town we have a New Balance store, so I went and browsed around. The women’s options were not available for me (not in stock and I’m too impatient to wait/order), so I went with the men’s department.
I picked up a pair of Revlite Trainers and I absolutely LOVE them! They’re comfortable, they fit and they’re just a great dance shoe. I’m able to move around without my feet sticking to the wood floor. The one downside… I need to find a good pair of shoe inserts that can provide a bit more cushioning under the pad of my foot, near my toes. Again, foot issues – but once I find those, I’ll be perfectly set!
BTW! Great news! My feet have gone down another WHOLE size! I had been buying the same ole size of sneakers because they were comfortable but now I know the true size of my feetsies!

Haul: Hungry Girl to the Max

Last weekend I submitted an order on Amazon and one of the items I ordered was the cookbook Hungry Girl to the Max.  I’ve been a fan of the Hungry Girl website and newsletters for years and I own 1 or 2 of the cookbooks.  I haven’t purchased a new Hungry Girl cookbook in some time, so I figured why not?  All recipes are Weight Watchers friendly and show unique ways to cut calorie corners.
I realize all recipes are hit or miss, but from the number of Hungry Girl recipes I have tried, I have been a fan. Like most healthy alternatives meals, those eating it truly have no idea it’s healthier for them. I’ve made a number of hungry girl dishes and after eating, I’ve let “the cat out of the bag” that it was a healthier recipe and so many people have been surprised.
So, here’s to finding some great, tasty and unique recipes to try out in the kitchen!
Do you have any Hungry Girl recipe recommendations?

PB Crave Haul

I had seen quite a number of posts on Instagram featuring PB Crave which is a natural line of peanut butter.  One of the flavors intrigued me so I hopped on the companies website to see where I could find it.  Walmart is listed as the main retailer but I was having trouble finding it in specific stores – I did find it in one local Walmart, but they did not have the flavor I truly wanted. Plus, they’re rather expensive … almost $6 a jar.
While on Instagram a fellow Weight Watcher and friend posted about a deal PB Crave was hosting in their website.  If you bought a combo pack (of 3 flavors) you would receive a 3-pack of Razzle Dazzle for free.  With the price of shipping added into the total, it made it quite a deal … under $3 a jar. So I jumped on the bandwagon, submitted an order and about a week later I received the package.
In case you are wondering, points plus wise a 2 tablespoon serving is 4-5 points plus.  But here’s what I ordered and received:
          Cookie Nookie – this is a cookie dough flavored peanut butter with honey and chocolate chips
          CoCo Bananas – this is a blend of bananas, honey and cocoa
          Choco Choco – this is a blend of semi-sweet and dark chocolate chips with honey
          Razzle Dazzle (3 jars – free w/ promo) – this is a blend of wild raspberry, wild honey, white and dark chocolate
Have you tried PB Crave peanut butter?

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Haul: Weight Watchers Ultimate Chicken Cookbook

When I saw that Weight Watchers had released a new cookbook I knew I had to pick it up.  I love Weight Watcher cookbooks even though I am a relatively experienced cook because there are times where thinking of what to make for a meal can be annoying because options just aren’t presenting themselves to me.  So with that I picked up the Weight Watchers Ultimate Chicken Cookbookon Amazon for under $19.
I love chicken – but I admit chicken can get plain gross and boring if it’s not seasoned properly or if it’s something I steer towards when cooking all the time.  Sometimes it takes an interesting description or picture in a cookbook to make me think “hey that sounds good!” So I figured this would help me break out of my chicken box and try new things – and having the Points Plus values definitely make it a lot simpler to try out a new recipe.
I haven’t tried anything from the cookbook yet, but I have given it a run through and I do have a number of recipes flagged as recipes I’d like to try.  With that, I’m hoping to perhaps try one this week at some point.
What is one of your favorite cookbooks you’ve picked up recently?

Haul: Weight Watchers 5 Qt. Chef’s Pan

I popped into Big Lots this past Friday and picked up the Weight Watchers 5 Qt. Chef’s Pan.  I’ve purchased the grill pan and 10 inch fry pan set a few months back and have loved it ever since. Some of the cooking pans have seen brighter days, so this is an effort to clear out the old and bring in the new.
The pans are aluminum non-stick skillets, which are perfect because nothing is worse than preparing something to eat and having it stick to the bottom of the pan. Plus I don’t like having so coat the bottom of a pan to ensure it doesn’t stick. I had originally hoped to be able to find the set that contained 8 pieces, but when I spotted the 5 Qt. Chef’s Pan I snatched it up quickly.  I like meals that have sauces, etc. and having a pan with high sides and a cover is perfect.
The greatest part is the pan was right under $20. Score!
Have you purchased any new cookware lately?

Weight Watchers Haul

What can I say? I’m a sucker for anything new … particularly where new Weight Watchers items are concerned.  Okay, so not all, but most.  So needless to say, when I saw the new Weight Watchers Family Style Cookbook and the Sweet Hazelnut Latte Smoothie I had to pick both up.
During my meeting I flipped through the demo Family Style Cookbook and was impressed. It seemed to have a number of recipes that would satisfy my palette as well as my families. I own a handful (okay, more than a handful) of Weight Watchers cookbooks but some of the recipes are not recipes I’d recreate due to personal preference. Recipes range all around the board from tastes, flavors and even cooking capabilities (crock pot, one pot, etc).
The Sweet Hazelnut Latte just seemed delicious. I’m a fan of the Weight Watcher smoothies and since they’re a power food they are very satisfying and filling.  My leader mentioned she has used some of this in coffee and I was sold.  I’m a coffee lover so I plan on trying this out in a few different ways – but once I do give it a try, I’ll gladly share my opinion.
Have you picked up any new goodies at your Weight Watcher meeting location?