Weight Watchers Mint Cookies & Cream Smoothie

I spotted this new Weight Watchers brand Mint Cookies & Cream Smoothie at my Weight Watchers meeting this week.  I gasped, grabbed a box and walked up to pay for it.  A few weeks back I took a sip of my boyfriends Shamrock Shake from McDonald’s and was in heaven (for a millisecond).  I’m not a huge lover of mint ice cream, but I do enjoy a subtle mint frozen treat here and there (Skinny Cow Mint Sandwiches, Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream, etc.).
Typically when I make a Weight Watchers smoothie I add ice cubes and frozen fruit (along with a banana) to the mixture.  With mint, your options are kind of limited, so I decided to just throw this in a blender with some water and a handful of ice cubes.  I blended it up, poured it into a cup and upon first sip was pleasantly surprised!  It was DELICIOUS and totally curbs any Shamrock Shake dreams.  Of course since I made it with water and ice cubes it was very thin – but I’m going to begin experimenting with this, adding in some (frozen) greek yogurt, maybe some fat free ice cream, etc.,  Anything to help make it a little thicker … perhaps even a cup of unsweetened almond milk.  But nonetheless it’s totally delicious and a great snack.  I find it’s extremely filling so it’s a nice filler.
Have you tried any of the Weight Watchers smoothies?