Trader Joe’s Black Bean & Corn Enchilada

I picked up a package of Black Bean & Corn Enchiladas from Trader Joe’s a while back and the package had been sitting in my freezer.  I actually forgot that I had purchased them, but earlier in the week it was around lunch time and I was quite hungry. My boyfriend wasn’t, so it meant anything that was quick and easy was right up my alley.  I spotted the package in the freezer and decided wah-lah, lunch!  I’ve dabbled into vegetarian dishes and have found quite a few that I enjoy – but per the norm, I always go into the first bite with quite a good amount of hesitation.  I’ve always been so used to meat being a part of every meal.  But this had black beans and corn in it – two of my favorite things so I figured it had to be somewhat good.
Never mind, somewhat good – these turned out to be delicious!  They’re made with organic white corn tortillas and are rolled up with a corn and black bean mixture, which is then topped with a classic enchilada sauce. While they were cooking in the oven, my boyfriend came downstairs and said “Mexican?”  They are quite fragrant while they are cooking and very flavorful when you eat them.  They’re not spicy, I didn’t even find it to be hot but to a very bland palette these may be on the mild side?  The black beans and corn balance with the sauce so well and the corn tortillas are just delicious and filling.
I paired the meal off with a small side salad and it was a perfect lunch.  According to the nutrition information the container houses 2 servings – but I decided to just eat both.  Ideally if you were eating only one, it would be 3 weight watchers points plus values – but if you decided to eat both it’s 7 points plus values.
Have you tried these particular enchiladas from Trader Joe’s?