Chili Dog Casserole

This is what I call a “Pinterest made me do it” meal … which with my alterations made it turn out to be quite a fail.
I didn’t use the exact recipe as listed on Pinterest, because I switched up the recipe to use the ingredients I had on hand (canned vegetarian chili, canned sauce and Joseph’s flax oat bran whole wheat tortillas). If eaten hot, it wasn’t bad … but when it had the opportunity to sit and cool the tortillas I used got soggy and all around disgusting. I also found I really wasn’t a fan of the Smart Dogs flavoring. I have tried vegetarian hot dogs in the past and found some can be hit or miss and the Smart Dogs were just a complete miss on my taste buds. Where I think I went completely wrong was adding in extra sauce to thin the chili out – if I had left it alone I think the tortillas would have held up a lot better.
The dish itself certainly looked delicious and I may actually recreate this some time using the chili listed in the original recipe, but using a tortilla that can hold up a bit better, and I may just use lean beef hot dogs since I do enjoy those.
You win some, you lose some.