Little Caesar’s Deep Dish Pepperoni Pizza

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This is what happens when you have the pickiest eater in the world for a boyfriend.  Nothing sounded good to him to have for dinner.  The soup I was having he wouldn’t touch because it was bean based and – well, he doesn’t really like beans.  So in asking what he’d like for dinner he mentioned deep dish pizza.  He tried the Deep Dish Pizza from Little Caesar’s a week or two ago and has been in love since.
My boyfriend only eats pepperoni pizza, so of course he ordered a deep dish pepperoni (which is $8 and apparently now it’s part of their “hot and ready” line because it’s getting more and more popular – even though they just came bout about 3-weeks ago).
The great thing about this pizza is that each side of the pizza has a crust because they are baked in smaller pans, the pans then cut into 4 slices – each box containing 8 slices.  I am a huge crust lover and I think this pizza is quite delicious.  And better yet, it’s only a few points higher per slice than Little Caesar’s regular pepperoni pizza.  A slice of pepperoni deep dish will run you 10 points plus.  Worth it, especially if you’re craving deep dish and don’t want to throw 25+ away on a personal deep dish from a spot like Uno (Chicago style).
Have you tried the new Little Caesar’s pizza?