Weight Watchers Peanut Butter Brownie Bliss

Weight Watchers has done it again! Done what, you ask? Well, they created a miniature dessert which satisfies the sweet tooth AND brownie fix (with a punch might I add) and it’s for a very small points plus value.  Incase you’re not aware; Weight Watchers has a line of packaged, portioned desserts which are sold in most grocery stores bakery sections.
At my local grocery store, the Weight Watchers Peanut Butter Brownie Bliss were on display near the front of the store along with the Weight Watchers Triple Chocolate Brownie Bites. What caught my attention initially was the “New Item” sticker my grocery store stuck on the box. The peanut butter certainly caught my eye because 1) I love brownies and 2) peanut butter just makes things better. After bringing these home, my boyfriend and I ended up having one as a snack.
The brownies are very small – practically 2-3 bites and it’d be gone – or in one of you wanted to just shove the whole thing in your mouth.  They are nothing other than delicious.  The brownie portion reminds me of the fudgy chewy brownies you’d get in a Little Debbie snack, which is then topped with a whipped peanut butter. The entire thing is then encased in a milk chocolate. It’s a perfect combination of brownie, chocolate and peanut butter.
A serving is one brownie and they are only 2 points plus values.
Have you tried the new Weight Watchers peanut butter brownie bliss bars?

Peach Cobbler Pie

This is one of my indulgent grocery store purchases. I wanted something sweet and my nose, okay, so, stomach led me to the bakery department. The donuts were already gone and the strawberry shortcake parfaits were gone.  Then I spotted it – at first I thought it was some sort of apple cobbler, but when I read the label Peach Cobbler Pie I picked it up and put it into my cart.
With my pie in hand, I started my way out of the bakery department and turned back around. I was having a moment of indecisiveness. Should I buy it, should I put it back, should I try to find something different?  My brain started yelling “I should probably figure out the points plus values…” so I took out my phone, turned the pie a bit so I could view the nutrition label and figured it out.  1/6th of the pie was 9 points plus.  Okay, not terrible but not the greatest.  But its peach cobbler pie (oh my!)!Yes, this is how I reason with myself … silently.
So, I bought it and brought it home and it was absolutely delicious.  Worth every single bit of those 9 points plus.  My boyfriend thought it was delicious as well.  It was a classic peach cobbler but with a pie crust (truly my favorite part of any pie). Fabulous and pure genius if you ask me.  Will I purchase it again?  Probably … but not any time soon.  It’s just too good.
Have you ever had Peach Cobbler Pie?